Jenny Marrs' Stunning Design Tip Will Make Your Front Door Look More Inviting

When it comes to fixing up their homes, many homeowners turn to the power couple of home improvement – Jenny and Dave Marrs – for inspiration. Ever since their hit HGTV series "Fixer to Fabulous" put them on the map, people have looked to them for tips and tricks on elevating their homes. One stunning design tip we can't get enough of was recently shared by Jenny on their blog. It shows you how to make your front door look more inviting with the addition of lighting and by making simple tweaks to the front porch.

The project in question was the home of Sophia, the Marrs' friend and neighbor from their hometown of Bentonville, Arkansas. They transformed the boring townhouse into a modern, English cottage as the homeowner had recently returned from her studies in the English countryside. Jenny wrote in her blog, "After spending some time studying abroad in England's countryside, Sophia can't wait to come back home and live in her beloved town. This is her first official home, so we thought we would make it truly hers by tying in her love for Northwest Arkansas with a little English cottage nostalgia."

In the past, Jenny and Dave have offered advice for renovating a historical property and have also revealed a specific trick to boost curb appeal that won't break the bank. They incorporated these tricks and more into making Sophia's home fabulous.

Add elements to elevate the front door

As Jenny Marrs said in her blog, the main problem with the original home was, "This house was the perfect size for Sophia, and it's near Bentonville's town square, but it completely lacked curb appeal." The bulk of the transformation involved replacing the original roof and changing the siding to give it a complete refresh through a paint job.

They also decided to move the location of the front door to the center of the house. It was originally placed to the side and was therefore hidden from direct view. This is generally a big mistake, as noted by Edyta Czajkowska, founder of the Chicago-based design firm Edyta & Co., when speaking to The Seattle Times. She explained, "The front of your home is the first thing your guests will see, so creating a beautifully crafted, welcoming atmosphere is important."

To bring attention to the front door, the Marrs placed two large windows on both sides of the front door. The old-world aesthetic was further enhanced by the addition of brick steps that led up to the home, and by thickening the columns flanking the front door to make them seem more substantial.

Gas lanterns always works wonders

In addition to the changes made above, Jenny Marrs highlights that another important element they added to the refurbishment of the front entrance of this home was placing gas lanterns. In the blog, she writes, "... [we] added gas lanterns for that warm, old-world charm." She called the gas lanterns a "must-have" for this transformation. "Now, the house is so cute, and it has loads of curb appeal."

Interior designer Joan Craig, who encourages people to do up their front entrances, also believes in the use of lanterns to create a welcoming effect. She told The Seattle Times, "Pump up the scale of lanterns on either side of the door." Edyta Czajkowska, speaking to The Seattle Times, agreed with her on the importance of outdoor lighting: "Selecting good outdoor lighting can make or break the ambiance of your home," she said. "Gas lanterns add an instant charm and set a cozy vibe, but if you don't want to go with gas, make sure to choose warm lighting that creates a soft glow."