Use This Married To Real Estate Idea For Extra Hidden Storage In Your Kitchen

Storage in a kitchen is non-negotiable — but the kind of storage used can make things look a lot more cluttered a lot faster. However, as was demonstrated in the very first episode of "Married to Real Estate," there's a super sleek way to incorporate extra cabinetry without cluttering up a space. All you'll need is a waterfall kitchen island with built-in cabinets. 

As longtime "Married to Real Estate" fans may remember, back in the show's first season, Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson were tasked with modernizing a mid-century Atlanta property. That, they did — and while the couple transformed the entire home, it was the kitchen that got the biggest gasp of all. From a dark, closed-off kitchen with dark brown cabinets that saw the clients complain they couldn't find any redeeming factors, Sherrod and Jackson created a bright, open space. More importantly, they did so without nixing any storage. 

The key, in that project, was the type of island they opted for. A waterfall island allowed for hidden storage on both sides, all while staying sleek and clean-looking. In other words, for those with a penchant for minimalist design, this might just be the holy grail of kitchen additions. 

Waterfall cabinets blend functionality and aesthetics

Using a kitchen island for additional storage isn't exactly a new concept. In fact, fellow HGTV star Jenn Todryk has suggested adding storage to the end of your island in the past. What sets the option picked by Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson apart, however, is the fact that the storage is hidden underneath the countertop itself. This allows for a more modern, minimal aesthetic. Also lending itself to the minimalist vibe of the kitchen is the fact that there's enough storage underneath to ensure you'll never have to see the countertop filled with clutter. 

The island Sherrod decided on featured an abundance of storage space with cabinets on both sides of the island. That still wasn't all, though. Even with the base of the island used for storage space, there was still space for seating. Just how much storage and seating space you'll get will depend on the size of your kitchen. Sherrod and Jackson opted to take a wall down, which allowed for a more open-plan setting. But, if doing so isn't in the cards for you just yet, consult an installer to see if it could be incorporated into your existing space. 

These cabinets can be on the pricey side, though

If you're thinking of scoring both space and storage, waterfall islands are a great option. However, one thing you definitely need to keep in mind is the price. As noted by Caesarstone, the process required to get each slab of stone for your countertop makes things fairly costly. For starters, though stone slabs start at $40 per square foot (naturally, that will go up depending on the particular stone you opt for), Caesarstone warns that having them cut to size can cost a whopping $2,000. That excludes installation fees and sealing. Picking porcelain for the island is one way to mitigate the costs of after-care, but even then, don't expect to get a waterfall island on a tight budget. 

As for the cabinets, those will likely need to be custom-made. Again, that's something that will drive the price up. Deslaurier Custom Cabinets Inc. notes that everything from the size of the island to the wood used will make a difference in the price. Speak to a professional to figure out the best way forward for your wallet. 

If a waterfall island is within your budget, it's certainly a great way to add a statement piece to your kitchen, all while maximizing storage and minimizing clutter. If not, it's also something worth working toward — especially if a luxe yet minimalist look is right up your alley.