Don't Throw Out Leftover Tile, Instead Turn It Into DIY Coasters

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When adding new flooring or installing a backsplash in your home, tile is one of the best materials to use to elevate your space. Some tiles can be more expensive than others, but if you're looking to renovate a small area, sheets of small mosaic tiles on mesh are an affordable option. After your renovation, if you bought the tiles on sheets, you may have some leftover pieces. Instead of throwing the extras away, you can turn them into coasters. It's best to use square tiles to easily create a square shape, but you can always use various shapes to create any coaster you desire.

Coasters are a necessity in the household, as they prevent any glassware from scratching your tabletop surfaces. Plus, they catch all the condensation from icy drinks so that the drips don't fall on the surface and leave marks behind. Scratches and marks can be challenging to remove, especially if you have wood furniture in your home. To protect your surfaces, create customized tile coasters with the help of some epoxy glue and round felt pads. DIYing the coasters is quick and easy; in fact, you could complete this project in less than a day.

Making DIY coasters out of small square tiles

Before you get started, you need a few materials like glue and felt pads, which you may already have at home. If not, purchase the Gorilla Epoxy glue from Target and Scotch Felt Bumpers from Michaels. Also gather 24 tiles from your pile to make six coasters, and grab a piece of cardboard and a small paintbrush. It's best to have 1 square foot-sized tiles, and you'll combine four of them to look like one larger tile. If you don't have tiles at home, TikTok user @theflippedpiece used Home Depot's travertine pieces. Each of the tiles are slightly different, which make creating unique coasters effortless. 

To DIY your coasters, lay out your tiles on the cardboard and combine four to make a large square. If desired, mix and match darker or lighter shades to create a pattern. Then, using your paintbrush, apply epoxy glue to the inner sides of each tile where they're touching and press them together. You'll have six coasters assembled and glued. Next, apply another layer of epoxy along the edges where the tiles meet to seal them. Allow the tiles to dry completely for a few hours. Finally, add one self-adhesive felt pad to each corner, and you're done! Use the coasters to decorate your nightstand or coffee table, so they'll always be nearby.

DIYing coasters out of other tile shapes

While small square tiles are easy to use for DIYing coasters, it's possible to use tiles in other shapes as well. For instance, if you decide to install hexagonal-shaped tiles on your kitchen backsplash, you can use the leftover pieces to create a stunning flower coaster. However, you'll have to glue more than four pieces together to ensure it's large enough to hold the majority of your glasses at home. If you purchase mosaic, porcelain, or marble tiles with different looks, try creating a series of patterns that differ for a unique appearance. The Home Depot has a beautiful black-and-white porcelain mosaic tiles with flower designs that would make the perfect coasters. 

On the other hand, if one of your tiles is large enough to support a glass, you can simply add the felt pads to the corners to create your custom coasters. Or, if they're rectangular, you could easily attach two together side-by-side, then add the felt pads. If you decide to use basic, solid tiles, customize them by painting on designs or various colors. Create a theme that fits your interior or your favorite hobbies. To keep the paint from wiping off when it comes into contact with the moisture from a wet glass, cover your coasters with Mod Podge and spray them with a clear sealant.