Creative Ways To Turn Pool Noodles Into Festive Christmas Decor

Transforming your home into a festive wonderland is one of the best parts of the Christmas season. However, while decorating your home can be fun, creating the decor can be even more exciting and could be a way to express your creativity and individuality. Because pool noodles are flexible and soft, they make a great material for countless DIYs, including ones for holiday decor. They offer an easy-to-use base for many projects, and they're inexpensive, so they're ideal for making a showstopping piece of Christmas decor on a budget. Below, you'll find nine ways to use pool noodles to create Christmas decorations that can be used both inside and outside the home.

Beyond pool noodles, you won't need tons of other materials to complete these projects. Other than decorative pieces like ornaments and ribbon, you may need an x-acto or bread knife for cutting. If you need glue, you can use a hot glue gun or a clear adhesive like Gorilla Glue or E6000. However, you have to ensure that the pool noodles don't melt if you use hot glue. Some of these DIYs may also require another support like PVC pipes or thin wire to keep the shape or structure. Additionally, you can either use old pool noodles you already have or purchase them at cheap retailers like Dollar Tree, while the other materials are often found at craft supply stores. Get inspired by these easy projects and dress up your home for Christmas.

1. DIY wreath

Pool noodles make a great base for a Christmas wreath because they're flexible, so they can be bent into a circle. Create a pool noodle base by connecting the two ends together and securing them with duct tape. Depending on the length, you may have to cut the noodles or use two to get the size you want. Once you have the base, you can create any wreath you desire. Glue ornaments to the pool noodles or wrap faux evergreen garland around them. Attach materials like ribbons, burlap, holly berries, or other decorative objects to add more texture.

2. Festive lollipops

Embrace the sweetness of the Christmas season by creating festive lollipops from pool noodles. Use white or red pool noodles as the base for this craft. Then, use a thick ribbon in a contrasting color to create the stripes on the lollipop. Glue the end of the ribbon to the end of the lollipop, then wrap it around the pool noodle, leaving space between and gluing as you go. Roll the pool noodle into a spiral and secure it with glue. Finally, add PVC pipe for the stick, wrap the lollipop in clear cellophane, and secure the wrapping with a ribbon.

3. Ornament banister

Give your banister a festive touch by using pool noodles as a base. Start by slicing open pool noodles lengthwise and sliding them onto the railing of the banister. Use zip ties to help prevent the noodles from slipping. Then, glue ornaments, ribbons, poinsettias, and other decor to the base. This DIY can work both inside and outside your home. For outdoor decor, be sure to use a strong and weather-resistant glue, like E6000, to keep the pieces secure.

4. Elf ladder

Use three white pool noodles as a base for this Christmas elf ladder. Transform two of the pool noodles into peppermint candy sticks by wrapping red ribbon around them, being sure to leave space between each wrap, and secure it with glue. Then, cut the last pool noodle into 6 to 8-inch pieces and wrap the ribbon around those pieces. Glue these to the longer pool noodles to make the rungs of the ladder. You could also use thinner sticks painted white and covered in thin ribbon instead. Then, decorate the finished ladder with elf dolls to show off the visitors from the North Pole.

5. Door garland

Another way to use pool noodles to decorate for Christmas is as the base of a garland that wraps around a door. Use three pool noodles on the sides and top of your door frame. Add hooks with an adhesive backing around the door and secure the pool noodles by sticking the foam into the hooks. Once the base is secure, add evergreen garland, ribbon, lights, ornaments, and other decor. You can use this DIY both inside and outside of your home. Plus, removing it after the holidays is easy because you just have to lift the pool noodles off the hooks.

6. Birch candle holders

Fake the look of birch branch candle holders using pool noodles. Use either a white pool noodle or paint the base white. Cut them to your preferred size, then add light and dark gray lines with paint that mimic the look of birch bark. The texture of the pool noodle will make it look even more like the real thing. Once dry, wrap the faux birch branches with ribbon and place tea lights inside the pool noodles to add a warm glow.

7. Candy canes

Make your home your very own gingerbread house by turning pool noodles into candy canes. Use red noodles as a base with either white duct tape or ribbon. Insert a thin wire through the pool noodle and cut the wire a little bit shorter than the noodle. Then, bend one end to create a cane shape. Wrap the duct tape or ribbon around the base, leaving space between for a striped effect. The wire on the inside can act as a way to secure the candy canes in the yard for outdoor decor and will create the signature upside down "J" shape of traditional candy canes.

8. Garland arch

Use a decorative arch and pool noodles as the base of this Christmas DIY. Slice the pool noodles lengthwise and pop them onto the arch until it's completely covered. Use duct tape to cover the seams between each noodle. Then, decorate the base with whatever decor you want such as ornaments, garland, ribbon, and pine cones. Use a strong glue to secure each item, especially if you're creating this DIY for outdoor decor.

9. Mantle candle holder

To create a candle holder that's perfect for the fireplace mantel or the center of your dining room table, cut a pool noodle to about 8 to 12 inches long. Then, slice off a small lengthwise section so that your piece has a flat bottom. Trace the shape of your candles on the top of the pool noodle and cut out the circles. Decorate around the base with garlands, ribbons, and ornaments, and finish by placing your candles inside the holes.