Bargain Block's Keith Bynum Explains How To Dial In The Design After Using A Bold Color In Your Home

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Using a bold color, like black, is a surefire way to give even the most boring space some drama. However, it can also make things feel a little too moody if said bold color isn't dialed in. Luckily, as Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas demonstrated in Season 1, Episode 4 of HGTV's "Bargain Block" (via YouTube), doing that is more than possible. The key lies in brighter furnishings, reflective accents dotted throughout the space, and a few natural touches. 

To refresh, in a 2021 episode of "Bargain Block," Bynum opted to paint the ground floor of a home all black, ceilings included. It was a bold choice. The use of black — or any dark hue, for that matter — could easily have made the house look significantly smaller. However, with a number of careful techniques, Bynum was able to cut through the intensity. In doing so, he actually made the home look bigger, much to the surprise of everyone who entered it. 

The trick lay in a number of optical illusions. While the all-black home had the potential to turn into a real-life rendering of the Batcave, Bynum's furnishings and finishes worked in tandem to create a surprisingly bright, homely space. So, if you've been holding back from a bolder color for fear of things getting a little too intense, think again. 

Incorporate metallic finishes into the space

One way to inject a dose of brightness into a bold, dark space is with metallic finishes. "The right accessorizing can kind of tone some of that down and make it more approachable," Keith Bynum explained (via YouTube). "So, bringing in as many reflective finishes as possible is super important." One of the more obvious ways to do this was through a crystal chandelier. But, the "Bargain Block" star had a number of other tricks up his sleeve, too. 

For starters, Bynum picked a velvet sofa in a silvery tone, which seemed to glow next to the dark wall. He also picked out a rug with metallic accents. You can find a similar one on Amazon for less than $50. That was still just the beginning, though.  

Outside of soft furnishings, another thing you may want to consider in a bold room is metallic finishes on the walls. Bynum used metallic paint to do this, but for an even more lustrous alternative, reach for gold leaf to completely transform your walls. Go for basic shapes or lines, or, if you're feeling more adventurous, take a "gold" leaf out of Daniel Bland's book. The gold leaf artist has shared a number of his bold projects via TikTok – and while perhaps not easy to DIY, it's certainly a great place to seek inspiration. The cost for this will depend on the particular design you go with. 

Make the most of natural elements

Metallics undoubtedly help to break up some of the darkness of a bold color like black, but pairing the two without some natural elements runs the risk of your room looking more like a nightclub and less like a home. For that reason, when working with a bold color, it's vital to bring in some more natural elements. For starters, wood can turn even the most severe-looking room into a welcoming one — something Keith Bynum remarked on when he opted to install a mantelpiece to the wall he'd initially planned on keeping all black. 

Creating a softer ambiance isn't the only thing the wooden accents achieved, though. Despite breaking up the darkness, it also worked to emphasize the black. If the room you're decorating doesn't have a mantelpiece, you could also add in things like rustic wood tables, lampshades with wooden accents, and picture frames. Better yet, grab a coffee table that incorporates both wood and metallic accents. Amazon stocks a great option for under $150. 

Another natural element you'll want when working with a bold color like black is natural light. In rooms with existing windows, ensure they aren't covered up or opt for lighter curtains. You'll still have the drama of the bold room, but you'll have a little more livability.