Don't Throw Out Your Pumpkins, Use This Brilliant Hack To Turn Them Into Festive Winter Decor

If your fall pumpkins are still in good condition as November comes to an end, you may be able to transform them into adorable winter decor. With a bit of spray paint, some garden stakes, a drill, a small saw, and a little imagination, you can repurpose your pumpkins into festive snowmen decorations. 

For this to work, you'll need to ensure your pumpkins are still fresh with no signs of rotting, and you'll need at least three gourds of various sizes to achieve the classic snowman shape. Carved pumpkins are not suitable for this hack, as they usually only last about a week. Mini pumpkins are great for this decoration, as they can last for over six months, but regular pumpkins are also a good option and may stay fresh for a few months as well.

While these decorations are perfect for winter, the weather conditions outside — whether you're in a warm or cold climate — could cause your pumpkins to deteriorate faster. If you expect temperatures above 55 degrees Fahrenheit during the day or freezing temperatures at night, you may need to move your gourds inside or cover them in a frost blanket to keep them fresh longer. Additionally, direct sunlight can damage your decor, so be sure to keep your snowmen in a shaded area. In some cases, acrylic finishing sprays may be able to prolong the life of your pumpkin.

How to make snowmen decorations with pumpkins

To start, inspect your pumpkins for any indications of rotting, and only use pumpkins that are still in very good condition. Lay your gourds on a tarp outside and coat them in white spray paint, letting the paint dry and then flipping the pumpkins to reach the other side. If you don't like all that white, try using a frosty blue color for parts of your pumpkins. Once painted, adding a clear acrylic finishing spray can help keep your pumpkins fresh.

Now, use a small electric or hand saw to remove the stems of your pumpkins before stacking them into the shapes you'd like. If you don't have enough gourds to make snowmen with three segments, try using only two for a unique figure. When your pumpkins are arranged the way you like, drive a garden stake through each of your stacks of gourds, letting the top of the stakes stick out. This will provide an anchor for hats or other decorations later on.

Decorating your snowmen pumpkins

When you have your pumpkins secured together, you can use black paint to create a traditional snowman face and buttons or customize your snowman with different colors or features. For the nose and arms, use a drill to make holes in the center of the top pumpkin and in the sides of the middle pumpkin. A carrot and sticks can then be inserted into the openings. If you don't have access to a drill or don't want to puncture your gourd and risk faster rotting, simply paint on the nose and use white duct tape or hot glue to attach the arms.

Now that the majority of your snowman is assembled, you can decorate it however you like. Try using your own hats, scarves, and gloves, or making DIY accessories. To make a faux top hat, paint a disposable plastic bowl black and place it over the garden stake. You can also use ribbons, stickers, or other craft supplies to create your perfect pumpkin snowman. When your gourd begins to rot, make sure to dispose of it properly. Because of the chemicals in paint, these pumpkins should not be fed to wildlife or composted, but will need to be thrown in the trash.