Upgrade Your Holiday Dinner Table With Shower Curtain Rings From The Dollar Tree

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There is no time of year to host a dinner party that is more high-pressure than the holiday season. With the presence of your extended family — including those members who tend to judge a little more harshly than others — come high stakes at the holiday dinner table. If you're feeling the pressure to nail the perfect presentation this year, you don't have to break the bank to do so. For less than $17, you can create a set of twelve stunningly festive napkin holders.

All you'll need to nail this simple holiday dinner table DIY is one 12-pack of shower curtain rings and 12 glittery snowflake ornaments from Dollar Tree — which can be painted with Mod Podge to reduce shedding. Of course, you'll need to make sure you have 12 cloth napkins as well. If you're currently out, you can grab a 12-pack by Utopia for $14.99 on Amazon. Once you've gathered your ornaments, shower curtain rings, and napkins, you're ready to get to work. 

How to assemble a Dollar Tree holiday napkin holder

Putting together your Dollar Tree holiday napkin holders is incredibly simple; you don't even need any tools or adhesive. All you need to do is open a shower curtain ring, loop the ring through the back of a snowflake ornament, and close it. Then, simply repeat the process on all the remaining shower curtain hooks and ornaments. Once you've assembled your set of holiday napkin holders, it's time to fold and insert the napkins.

Lay your open napkin on a flat surface and fold the bottom corner diagonally up to the top corner. Then, roll down from the corner to the fold. Cross one side of the rolled napkin over the other diagonally, creating a ribbon shape. Scrunch the ribbon-shaped napkin, securing its shape with one hand, and push it through the napkin holder ring until the ring is centered. Repeat the process on the remaining napkins and prepare yourself to be complimented.