10 Ways To Repurpose A Dollar Tree Napkin Holder

Dollar Tree is the destination for low-priced and simple household essentials, but the retailer may not always have the exact item you're looking for. Luckily, if you can't find what you need, the combination of the $1.25 price tag and the simple nature of a lot of the items means they're the perfect base for a DIY project. One specific item, the Cooking Concepts Wire Napkin Holder, is absolutely dominating in the crafting community and for good reason. Clever creators have found a way to transform this simple napkin holder into everything from a coffee pod organizer to a floating shelf.

If you're looking to get your hands on this napkin holder, however, it is important that you live near a Dollar Tree with this particular item in stock. In an effort to keep prices low, Dollar Tree only sells individual items in-store, so you'll have to visit in-person if you want to only spend $1.25. If you're truly committed, you can order the napkin holders online in bulk, though it might be difficult to find uses for 24 of them around your house. At the same time, who knows — with this many hacks floating around on the internet, you might actually need that many to try them all out.

Laptop charging station

After you get home from a long day at work or school, it may be tempting to just throw your laptop, notebooks, and carrying case on your desk. Instead, consider creating a charging station to keep all of your essentials in one place. To do this yourself, secure together two Dollar Tree napkin holders with zip ties, then cut off the zip tie tails. You'll be left with a sturdy organizational system for your electronics. To make charging your devices even easier, weave your laptop or tablet's charging cable through the metal holders to keep it accessible and off of the floor.

Record holder

If you do a quick search on social media, you'll find that there is no shortage of fun ways to organize and display your vinyl collection. This idea, however, is one of the cheapest and easiest. Instead of shelling out money on a specially-designed shelf to hold your records, simply hang a Dollar Tree napkin holder on the wall with a pushpin. If you're worried about your DIY shelf shifting, you can also choose to add two more pushpins on the right and left side of the napkin holder to keep everything level and ensure your records won't fall if bumped.

Book display or bookend

To use these napkin holders as book displays or bookends on a shelf, simply place a book inside with the pages either closed or open. If you don't want the holders to be metallic, consider getting crafty with your DIY and wrapping your napkin holders in yarn. Adding yarn is a great way to include some softness and color on an otherwise very simple piece. Go in with one solid color or try mixing and matching a couple of colors to create stripes. Then, simply tie off the yarn or secure the end with glue and place your book inside.

Coffee pod organizer

Coffee makers with a pod system might make getting your caffeine fix in the morning quicker and less messy, but they also require you to find a way to store a wealth of tiny plastic cups. With this idea, keeping your coffee pods in one place has never been easier. Simply attach four Dollar Tree napkin holders to a Cooking Concepts Nickel Colored Wire Paper Towel Holder from Dollar Tree with some zip ties. The curves in the napkin holders should be the perfect size to slip in any standard-sized coffee pods you want to keep accessible.

Macrame-style wall shelf

No matter what thin item you want to display, whether it be a book, framed photograph, or other decorative piece, hang a napkin holder and place your item inside. Further, you can customize the piece with some cotton cord, which will add texture, and then add some tassels along the bottom for a bohemian look. If you're feeling creative, you could even try your hand at more complex weaving and knotting to incorporate macrame into your home and create a décor piece that's both decorative and functional.

Closet organizer

Leggings can often be one of the more difficult items to store because they're often smaller and thinner than other items of clothing. If you have a large collection, this hack can help you to create a more functional method of organization. Try stacking a collection of Dollar Tree napkin holders to create a small shelf by attaching them together with zip ties vertically. Hang the shelf in the closet, and you'll be left with an easy way to see your entire collection that doesn't take up lots of space. This idea could also be helpful for other small items of clothing, like kids' T-shirts or athletic shorts.

Bamboo sconce

The organic modern aesthetic, characterized by a combination of sleek modern accents and more natural textures and colors, has been taking over the interior decorating world in recent years. Fortunately, you don't have to break the bank to try out this trend for yourself. Grab two Dollar Tree napkin holders, an LED puck light, and a bamboo placemat. Place the light in one of the napkin holders, then glue one napkin holder to the top and one to the bottom of the placemat, which should completely wrap around the items. The end result is a unique and easy-to-hang accent light that adds a bit of natural texture.

Mail holder

If you hate that a stack of mail is always sitting on your dining room table or kitchen island, create a chic mail organizer out of one or more Dollar Tree napkin holders. You can either leave the pieces metal or cover them with yarn, for a more decorative look. If you want to sort different types of mail, attach multiple napkin holders together with zip ties and snip off the tails. Keep this piece wherever mail typically piles up, which could be in your entryway or kitchen. 

Plastic lid organizer

Plastic tupperware lids flying out of your cabinet might be the stuff of infomercials, but all those dramatizations come from a place of genuine frustration. Storing a bunch of plastic lids that are different sizes and shapes is difficult. With a bit of organization, they won't have to slip and slide around. To try out this solution yourself, simply glue or zip tie a few Dollar Tree napkin holders together until they fit the width of your cabinet. Once the glue is dry, slide the lids in, and you'll be left with organized slots to place your lids vertically rather than attempting to stack them horizontally.

Cellphone holder

There are certain situations where we might want to look at our phones without having to hold them. For instance, perhaps you want to watch a video in the bathroom while doing your makeup or next to your desk while working. To create a hanging cellphone stand, simply hang your napkin holder on the wall with a few hooks. Because this Dollar Tree napkin holder is made of wire, you're still able to see your phone screen through it. If you want to mount your phone stand onto a mirror or window, substitute the hooks for suction cups.