Give Your IKEA HAVSTA Custom Flair With TikTok's Easy DIY

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There are countless pros and cons of buying home decor from IKEA. One of the main pros is that you can find functional, stylish furniture at a great price. Even better, you can buy solid wood pieces for higher quality furniture. One particular pine wood item, the HAVSTA TV unit, pairs perfectly with any home decor. It features simple, sleek lines and glass doors. Although its neutral stature works wonderfully in any home, you might want to add some custom flair. And thanks to a genius TikTok hack, you can upgrade this piece of furniture into something high-end without breaking the bank. All you need is some cane rattan, which you can purchase on Amazon for as little as $19. 

If you're on the fence about purchasing furniture from IKEA, don't be. This Swedish manufacturer prides itself on sustainable products, even working to reduce the amount of formaldehyde used during the manufacturing process. Formaldehyde can cause cancer, and more and more consumers are looking to reduce or remove it from their homes. Although you have to assemble IKEA furniture, you're investing in healthier items, perfect for DIY hacks. And the HAVSTA's blank canvas makes it ideal for tailoring. You may even find that customizing your furniture helps reduce stress and provides a fun outlet to do as a family. So grab some rattan and prepare to transform an otherwise plain TV unit. 

Measure and cut cane rattan

For starters, measure your cabinet doors before carrying out this hack. This allows you to purchase the correct size cane rattan as there are several options to choose from. Once you have your window measurements ready to go, cut your rattan into strips. You want them slightly larger than the glass. Next, soak the rattan in warm water for half an hour. This helps to relax the fibers so it's easier to apply. Dry the strips thoroughly before securing them to the insides of your HAVSTA doors. According to @byclairewiley, simply staple the rattan in place and enjoy your custom furniture. If you're looking to repurpose materials already in your home, you could swap out rattan for burlap or any other fabric. You could even cut an old patterned tablecloth, upcycling it while upgrading your HAVSTA cabinets. 

If you don't have a staple gun handy, you can glue fabric to wood for $10 using Gorilla Fabric Glue. If you stick with the original hack and install cane rattan, however, you'll definitely want to staple it in place. You can purchase a staple gun on Amazon for less than $20, making this a fun, affordable TikTok trick. Once your rattan or other fabric is installed, you'll conceal DVDs, CDs, toys, and more. If you have extra rattan left over and want to elevate your space even further, you could consider an IKEA hack for caning an accent table. This way you'll have matching, bespoke furniture.