You'd Never Know This Beautiful Christmas Ornament Was A DIY From A Toilet Paper Roll

When decorating your home for the holidays, buying new embellishments can quickly add up and reduce the budget you had in mind to spend on gifts. New wreaths, garlands, ornaments, and table décors can make your home festive and put a small dent in your bank account. However, DIYing various holiday embellishments, such as making your own Christmas wreath, can prevent you from spending too much on brand-new items. Plus, DIYing decorations give you a fun project to do with your family. One unexpected way to use your empty toilet paper rolls is to turn them into Christmas ornaments. TikTok user @budgetingmumofficial created a striking snowflake. The crazy part about her DIY is that you would've never thought she used empty toilet paper rolls to make these unique and eco-friendly Christmas ornaments.

To recreate the snowflake ornament, you'll need a hot glue gun, scissors, a ruler, six empty toilet paper rolls, and twine. You want the rolls to be all the same size. If you don't have the materials, Dollar Tree, Target, Michaels, or any craft store will carry everything you need besides the toilet paper. In addition, if you don't have empty toilet paper, alternatives you can use include cardstock or cardboard tubes from rolls of paper towels and wrapping paper. This DIY project is more advanced, especially for younger kids, so it's best to help them as much as possible when measuring and cutting the rolls.

How to turn your toilet paper rolls into ornaments

First, cut one toilet paper roll open so it lies flat on the table. Using your ruler, measure each side to create a perfect square. You'll need to draw a couple of lines for the measurements you made. Cut out your square and fold it diagonally to form a triangle. Then, place your ruler along one side on the opposite side of the fold and draw lines from top to bottom measuring 1 centimeter apart. Cut each line — leaving a small space between the fold and the line to create loose strips on each side of the triangle. Open the triangle; you should have equal strips on each side.

Next, you'll need to glue the ends of the strips together. Start with the top two, gluing one over the other. Then, skip the second set of strips and glue the third pair together. Continue gluing every other couple until you reach the bottom. Once the strips are glued on one side, flip it and glue the remaining pairs together on the other side. You'll have hollow rounds on each side. Repeat the steps with the other five toilet paper rolls. Finally, hot glue each end together to create a snowflake and tie a piece of twine to the top of it to hang on your Christmas tree. You can always customize your ornaments by painting them before making your cuts or covering them with glitter spray after assembling.