The Clever Christmas Light Hack That Calls For An Old Garden Hose

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Every year, folks decorate their yard for the holidays more creatively. Many homeowners have started DIYing their Christmas decorations to save a few bucks. For instance, the Christmas candy canes you see light up your neighbor's walkways are fan favorites, and folks have DIYed their own version of the sweet candy with items they've found at Dollar Tree. If you enjoy lighting up your home with multiple lights every year, we have another hack for you to try out that involves your old garden hose. The hack comes from TikTok user @wambamsam_, who cut her old leaky garden hose into numerous sections to create mini arches that she placed side by side on her lawn along the walkway and sidewalk. She covered them in Christmas lights, and they illuminated the entire path.

The TikToker's hack is perfect for anyone looking for a fun Christmas decoration project. We think the DIY works because the garden hose has stakes in each opening that allow it to stay upright on the lawn. You can accomplish this Christmas light hack in a day with a few items, such as an old garden hose, a jigsaw, Christmas lights, electric tape, and stakes. However, there are alternative items you can use that will make your project smoother, like using zip ties instead of electric tape and a hose-cutting tool instead of a jigsaw. You can always use what's easier for you and what you have on hand to prevent buying materials.

Steps for Christmas light hack

If you don't have stakes on hand, Amazon has a 20-pack of stakes for $14.99. You'll need to buy a few packs to ensure you have enough for all the garden hose arches. The Home Depot sells an all-purpose utility cutter for $11.97 if you don't want to use a jigsaw. Once you have all your tools and materials, start cutting your garden hose into even sections to have 18 to 20 arches. You can measure your garden hose and decide how tall you want the arches to be to figure out what length you should cut them. Most light-up arches are about a foot tall. After you cut all of your pieces, place a stake in each opening on either side of the arch and insert them into the lawn, starting at the edge. Place the following arch next to the first arch as close as possible. Repeat this step with the rest of your arches.

Next, wrap your Christmas lights around the first garden hose arch and secure them with electric tape or zip ties. You'll need to attach it to an extension cord, so ensure you start with the female plug side and end with the male plug. Keep wrapping and tying the lights around the arches until you reach the last arch. Finally, plug in your lights and watch your garden hose light up.