Create The Perfect Display For Your Holiday Cards With This Festive IKEA Vinterfint DIY

Sending and receiving holiday cards is a wonderful tradition, but often, it's difficult to display all your cards neatly without taking up a lot of space on your tables or shelves. With just an Ikea VINTERFINT wall decoration and some garland, you can create a beautiful hanging display for your holiday cards without cluttering your counters. With small bamboo ledges arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree, Ikea's VINTERFINT wall decoration is perfect for the holiday season, and its simple design makes it easily customizable. The decorative hanging shelves cost $15, making this DIY rather affordable.

You'll likely need several pieces of garland to cover your display. While you'll probably be able to wind it around the small shelves, you may want to consider using pipe cleaners, colored zip ties, or garland ties, like these Christmas House Wired Garland Ties from Dollar Tree, to attach your garland. Since this DIY is so versatile, faux pine cones, string lights, ribbons, and other decorations can be added to make your perfect holiday card display.

Choosing garlands for your card display

When choosing a garland, there are tons of ways to make your card display uniquely yours. If you prefer the aesthetic of a traditional Christmas tree, simple pine garlands, like this 9-foot Unlit Artificial Pine Christmas Garland from Target for $5 or this Ashland Canadian Pine Garland from Michaels for $4, are a great option. If you'd like to add lights to your display but don't want to fiddle with string lights, pre-lit garlands like this 12-foot pine garland with lights from Michaels are an easy way to decorate your project. 

Poinsettia garlands, although they won't make it look like a true Christmas tree, have a traditional holiday aesthetic and can be a unique way to spice up your decor. For a less traditional look, tinsel garland looks great and is an extremely budget-friendly Christmas decoration. For example, Dollar Tree has several tinsel garland options, like these 9-foot shiny garlands that come in green, silver, gold, or red. Alternatively, you could use a combination of tinsel and pine — or try DIYing your own Christmas garland.

How to DIY an IKEA Vinterfint card display

Once you've chosen your garland and gathered your supplies, this project should be easy and quick to complete. Lay your Ikea VINTERFINT wall decoration on the floor and begin placing your garlands. Depending on how you want your display to look, you could add your garlands to the outside of the tree shape, as well as the bamboo ledges, or just around the perimeter of the hanging decoration. To attach your garland, twist it around the straps and shelves, or use ties or pipe cleaners to secure it where you want. If yours aren't the right length, use scissors to cut them to the appropriate size. 

After the garlands are in place, you can leave your card display as is or add further decorations. Hot glue could be used to attach fake pine cones or red berries to the strands, or you could hang small ornaments from the greenery. Holiday-themed ribbons could also be wrapped around your decoration for a more festive feeling. Once you're satisfied with how your card display looks, simply hang it on the wall and set your cards on the thin wooden shelves. If you don't have enough cards to fill the entire display, try placing other small holiday decorations on the ledges to take up more space.