This Adorable DIY Snowman Decor Will Fill Your Yard With Holiday Magic

Decorating the front yard for the holidays can go one of two ways: hanging the best Christmas lights or decking out the entire space with inflatable characters, lights, and arches. Some folks enjoy a simple holiday look, while others wait all year to put up every piece of holiday décor they own. Even though simple lights give a neater look, there are ways to make your house look festive with minimal embellishments.

For instance, TikTok user @tailoredmama DIY'd the most precious melting snowman for her lawn. It's the perfect thing to add to your front yard if you don't live in an area where you get snow. The TikToker mentioned putting up a "Need Snow!" sign in front of the snowman, giving any passers-by a laugh.

If your yard needs some holiday magic, this DIY melting snowman will transform your space, and it only requires a few things — 4x4 plywood, a Sharpie, white paint, a paintbrush, a jigsaw, fast-drying glue, a drill, a styrofoam ball, a dowel, a top hat, fake carrot, buttons, a scarf, and string lights. This DIY snowman is a budget-friendly Christmas decorating hack since you can use items around the house if you have them, like old scarves and buttons. Lowe's sells plywood for $22.30 if you don't have it, while Hobby Lobby sells styrofoam balls for $2.49. Overall, a great investment!

How to DIY a melting snowman

DIYing Christmas decorations can get messy, so gather your materials and set them up in the garage. Start by drawing the melted snowman's body on the plywood with a Sharpie, and use the jigsaw to cut the outline. Sand down the edges to make it smooth. Then, coat the entire piece of plywood with white paint; you don't want the plywood to peak through, so add a few coats if needed. Allow your plywood to completely dry. In the meantime, decorate the styrofoam ball by gluing on the carrot nose, eyes, and hat.

After the paint is dry, drill holes along the edge of the plywood about a foot apart from each other, and insert lights underneath the plywood so that the cord isn't lying on the surface or tangled along the edges. It's best to use battery-operated lights to prevent the chore of having to plug them in every night. However, you can use any lights you have at home instead of buying new ones. Next, drill the dowel into the plywood, either in the middle or off-center, and attach the styrofoam ball. Finally, complete the rest of the snowman's attire by wrapping the scarf around its melted neck and gluing its buttons along the plywood. If you have any twigs in your yard, glue them to the plywood to act as the arms. You can even give the snowman expressions by drawing a mouth and eyebrows.