This Shower Curtain Hack May Be The Key To A Warmer Home This Winter

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With gas and heating prices fluctuating from season to season, wintertime in colder regions can truly be a daunting experience when you're on a budget. Insulating your windows or hanging textiles or decorative blankets on the walls are a couple of great heat-retaining ideas. The latter can also add sparkle to your décor. But another more direct hack is covering the windows with clear shower curtains to keep heat in and cold out. It's a budget hack that can help — but only if you're willing to completely seal your windows, which eliminates a natural and needed source of ventilation.

Except for the sun, all forms of heating cost money, particularly portable heaters. Space heaters either cost a few hundred dollars and run on propane, or they cost less but use a lot of electricity, jacking up a different bill. On the other hand, a thick-gauge clear shower curtain (and we recommend getting one that's textured since it's so much cuter) might cost you about $17, like this one on Amazon.

How to use this hack -- and important notes

Completely sealing your windows during the winter to lower your heating bill (and you might want to check your windows for drafts) is an extreme measure, but people do it. A shower curtain simply hanging over your windows won't retain heat, though its transparency lets in sunlight. However, it may provide some relief if you are willing to borrow a heavy-duty staple gun. Taping it is also an option, but tape might rip off the paint when you remove the curtain later. We recommend cutting the curtain to size, meaning it covers the window and extends to the edge of the window frame. With a buddy to help you, staple it into one side of the frame, hold it taut, and attach it all around the remainder of the frame. You might consider constructing an art project or adding garlands around the window frame to disguise your work. If you have regular curtains, re-hang them once you've installed the shower curtain, keeping them closed at night and thus keeping out more cold.

When you essentially live in a windowless room, or a room too cold to open the windows, it's extremely important to provide yourself with ventilation. Windowless rooms can become humid and retain dampness, so consider investing in a dehumidifier if you don't already have one. Another option is to speak with a professional about installing an extractor fan. You can ask them if the fan's connection to the outside will lower the indoor temperature.