The Clever TikTok DIY You'll Want To Try Out To Create A Digital Picture Frame

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Mounting a moving photo on your wall may seem like something from a fantasy world. Incredibly, by utilizing one TikTok hack by @emilyrayna, it turns out it's possible to craft your own digital picture frame using only a few materials. By replicating this TikTok hack for yourself, you should be left with a rather eye-catching digital frame to show off your latest snaps and memories all in one place without needing multiple photo frames. What more could you ask for? Naturally, this makes it perfect if you have many photos and will help you save plenty of wall space. After all, printing off many images can certainly pile up very quickly. This way, you'll be able to keep your wall decor compact and straightforward while adding your own flair. 

Of course, the best part is that the images move, which can help to add a futuristic look to any space. Not to mention, it's also much cheaper than many store-bought alternatives, which can cost over $200 on the higher end. Using a tablet or other digital device that you already own, this hack should sit comfortably underneath that mark for less than $50. This makes it an excellent switch to ditch expensive picture frames but will depend on what materials you use. All you'll need for this hack is a piece of wood cut to the size of your tablet, some MDF wood, L-shaped wood trim pieces, a drill, screws, a jigsaw cutter, measuring tape, a pencil, some mini brackets, and a little bit of DIY skill. 

Prepare your TikTok digital picture frame

To get started, you can find a 2-foot-by-2-foot plywood project panel at Home Depot for about $9. Grab a piece of MDF wood, also at Home Depot, for about $14, while some mini brackets can be found at Amazon for less than $5. The L-shaped trim pieces are available from Home Depot for about $3. If you don't want these specific products, there are plenty of other options in terms of wood type and color to match your tastes. You could even use some upcycled wood of your own or bamboo for eco-friendly options.

First, you need to craft the holder of your frame where your digital device will slide into. To do so, simply take your device and place it over the wood, tracing the edges to create an outline before going in with a saw or jigsaw cutter. Once you have your new piece of wood for your holder, simply take three bits of L-shaped trim and screw them to the sides of your wood, ensuring that they're secure and fit tightly. For some extra functionality, consider adding a hole where your charging cable can fit through so it can be charged while it's inside your frame. When you finish, you should be left with the holder part of the TikTok hack. You can test if your device fits inside correctly by sliding it in using the edge with no trim. It should fit snugly. 

Slide your tablet inside

When it comes to crafting your frame, you may opt for a simple and sleek square frame, a curved oval frame, or something more customized, such as a star, heart, or hexagonal shape. For a kid's room, you could even create the shape of a teddy bear head or a rocket. Once you decide what shape to go for, sketch it out on your MDF wood using your freehand or a pre-made stencil, providing that it's large enough, before taking your jigsaw cutter and carefully slicing the shape out. Just ensure you leave enough room for your holder to be visible in the middle. You can decorate this frame however you like, using paint, gluing on materials such as felt or fluff, attaching buttons (which are available for $8 on Etsy), or even adding a pen holder to include the ability to interact with your device. This will help to add some extra functionality.

To seal the deal, you just need to secure the two sections together and screw it into your wall using your mini brackets at a height that's easily reachable, as there may be times when you have to remove it, and preferably near a charging point. Once complete, you'll be left with a stunning digital picture frame, which will help to spruce up your living space in any room around your home. You could also use it as a unique TV screen in a bedroom space — perfect for young children.