Prevent Your Steel And Iron Outdoor Furniture From Rusting With This Tip

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Nothing is more frustrating than rust preventing you from enjoying your once-beautiful outdoor furniture, especially after splurging on new patio furniture for a more appealing look. Steel and iron options typically provide a sleek, stylish effect that looks great with minimalistic aesthetics in outdoor spaces. Luckily, there's a way to prevent stubborn rust from ruining that outdoor furniture. According to Bob Vila, zinc prevents rust, making galvanized items helpful for stopping rust from appearing on your favorite outdoor furniture items; the Merriam-Webster dictionary's official definition of the word "galvanize" in this context is: "to coat (iron or steel) with zinc."

Since rust-preventing zinc is ideal for keeping your outdoor furniture or decor or appliances made of steel or iron looking fresh, it's a good idea for anyone who already has, makes their own, or is interested in purchasing steel and iron outdoor furniture and other items to stock up on galvanized metals, nails, sprays, or even furniture. The investment may save you from rust! Fortunately, these products are accessible, so you have options.

Check out galvanized products

If you want to DIY some outdoor furniture, appliances, or decorations and prevent rust — and know what you're doing — consider purchasing a galvanized sheet product, such as the Master Flow 24-inch by 36-inch Galvanized Steel Flat Sheet, selling for $15.93 at Home Depot. You should also consider purchasing galvanized nails for your project such as the Everbilt 3-inch Galvanized Common Nails (25 Pack), available for $3.27 at Home Depot.

You may prefer to use a galvanizing spray instead. Remember that galvanizing spray does not usually last as long as professional hot-dip galvanization. While hot-dip galvanizing can last around 100 years in some climates, a spray will typically last between 16 and 33 years, depending on the atmospheric conditions. Galvanization tends to last longest in rural areas and the shortest in seacoast and heavy industrial places (via the American Galvanizers Association). 

Another option is galvanizing paint. According to ZRC, brush-on cold galvanizing paint tends to more successfully connect with and protect your furniture than sprays as the paint more diligently coats the zinc on the products. It's crucial to take your time when applying galvanizing paint as doing a sloppy job won't benefit your furniture as much as carefully-applied, thorough painting. 

Go even further with galvanized outdoor furniture

Do you not make your outdoor furniture and want to avoid rust? Opt for galvanized outdoor furniture. Opting for furniture made of or with pre-galvanized metals will do the work for you! If you're the type who likes to paint all your new furniture in your favorite colors, be careful to prevent peeling and other issues when applying the paint to galvanized areas of furniture as the zinc makes it different from more traditional furniture. Some tips include using a wire brush, applying white vinegar to prep the area, and using a metal-appropriate primer before painting, per Today's Homeowner

Also, remember that while galvanized furniture prevents rust, even galvanized furniture isn't invincible. Some aspects that can harm galvanized furniture include consistently humid weather, salty air, and sulfur dioxide pollution (via Monnig Industries). Still, galvanization will typically lead to less rust than traditional steel and iron outdoor furniture. 

If you want enough outdoor chairs for four people with a fire pit, the galvanized Hampton Bay Summerhaven 5-Piece Wicker Patio Firepit Chat Set is available for $799 at Home Depot and the set has 4.8 out of five stars with a perfect 100% recommendation rate. On the other hand, if you'd prefer ease into galvanized furniture with just one chair, consider the Flash Furniture Commercial Grade Silver Metal Indoor-Outdoor Chair available for $98.30 on Amazon with 4.6 stars and more than 500 ratings.