The Unique Ceiling Design Jenn Todryk Recommends To Give Your Home Office The Ultimate Classy Vibe

Details make the difference when it comes to designing a space. Yet, one place that many homeowners forget or leave as an afterthought is the ceiling. But, it's the ceiling that can create the unique touch that makes your home stand out from the rest. Jenn Todryk from HGTV's "No Demo Reno" always thinks outside the box when it comes to her renovations, so it's no surprise that she took the chance to dress up the ceilings of a project. On Season 3, Episode 9 of "No Demo Reno," Todryk decided to make the ceilings of the home office coffered. "I want some trim pieces within the coffered ceiling to give us, like, that fun texture," the designer said (via Imgur) when planning out the design.

Coffers are sunken panels created by a suspended grid on the ceiling. When they were first used, coffered ceilings were an architectural feat. And, though they are much more easily created with modern materials, they still add just as much depth and interest to a space. Coffered ceilings make a home look more elegant and custom-made, and ultimately the room looks as if every design element was thought of and no detail was left out. 

Transform your ceilings

You don't have to move into an old home to have coffered ceilings. It's actually quite easy to add this charming detail to an already existing space. "There are quite a few ways you can do coffered ceilings," Jenn Todryk explained in the episode (via Imgur). "You can do it to where they look basically like fake beams, and then you put trim pieces around it. Or, you can make it a drywall feature, which is what I'm choosing to do here." Todryk and her team used drywall to build the raised panels that created the intricate detail. They then cut pieces of trim to size and installed them along the edges to add a more decorative element.

So, how much would this architectural feature cost for you to spice up a boring ceiling? Todryk and her team spent $3,000 to create the coffered detail in the office. This sits just under the national average, which is between $3,500 and $7,500 to install. Using drywall to create coffered ceilings is less expensive than using wood beams or lightweight MDF. Another factor, of course, is the size of the space. On average, installation costs between $17 and $60 per square foot. The size and design of the coffers can also have an impact on the final price of the renovation.

Modern vs. traditional coffers

Coffered ceilings have been an architectural detail for centuries, featured on ceilings from ancient Roman architecture to the Renaissance. And, like any architectural element, coffers have been updated over the years. The simple pattern of geometric shapes on the ceiling is what makes the design so versatile. "It comes down to the finish selections you make and how they pair back to the rest of the space," interior designer Meagan Camp said to House Beautiful. Coffers can look ultra-modern and contemporary, rough and rustic, or like they belong in the Palace of Versailles.

In the "No Demo Reno" episode, Jenn Todryk created an updated traditional coffered ceiling in her clients' home office. The addition of trim around the sides of the panels added a traditional decorative element. However, painting the ceiling, walls, and built-ins a contemporary moody blue added an updated touch. 

You can make coffers look rustic by using wood beams to create the panels. Or, for ultra-traditional baroque coffers, add ornate decorations such as ceiling medallions for more detail. However you choose to customize it, you'll be left with a detailed ceiling sure to impress any house guest.