15 Ideas To Spice Up A Boring Ceiling

There may be a few renovations you're thinking about after purchasing a home — or you've lived in your house for a few years and now desire an upgrade. There are several renovation ideas homeowners typically consider for specific rooms: the bathroom, kitchen, and home exterior. However, there are other creative and maybe more affordable ideas you can execute to create the new look you didn't know you wanted. Observing your home as it is and looking for design features that aren't constantly renovated may be the best idea to create a unique home and the perfect way to develop a new and fun space.

Changing the look of your ceiling can have positive impacts, such as elevating the overall design of your home while also creating a more inviting environment, according to Tranquil. You can paint the ceiling the same color as your wall, use painter's tape to create a pattern, or install a chandelier; there are plenty of design tactics to use, according to Buzzfeed.

1. Cove lighting

If you already have a chandelier in the space you're designing, consider accentuating it with cove lighting. This ceiling feature will not only make your room brighter but also create a beautiful pattern on the ceiling.

2. Wood everywhere

In this room, they've put smooth wood furniture on the wall and multiple colored planks of wood on the ceiling. Although different, the tones complement one another for a balanced design.

3. Curved wood beams

This ceiling layout is a unique take on the classic wood beam format we've seen in many homes. Here, they've created a curved design with blue beams that match the kitchen's blue shade.

4. Curvy chandelier

Instead of purchasing a typical crystal chandelier, look for something that can easily elevate the layout of your home. This curvy chandelier is simple but is a great final touch for this format because of its neutral appearance. 

5. Vents

For the perfect industrial look, install vents that are visible. The silver, metallic look will complement the other décor elements around your home, be it neutral or bold. 

6. Metal beams

This black metal beam design on the ceiling is a great way to execute a modern atmosphere in your home. Although it seems like a significant focal point, it's also simple enough not to take away from your other décor.

7. Skylight

A skylight in any room is a perfect option to add more lighting while maintaining privacy. It'll make your space feel fresh and create the illusion of a large room — especially if you include a few mirrors.

8. Quadruple molding

The crown molding stacked on top of each other on the ceiling creates an elegant and sophisticated design. This would go well with a contemporary layout or an old English design.

9. Contrast

The dark gray wooden ceiling contrasts the light gray flooring and adds more texture to a room with smooth walls while also creating balance with the wooden headboard. 

10. Paint it all the same color

If you've been wondering how to incorporate your favorite color into your home design, you could paint the walls and ceiling of a room with it. It may seem heavy, but with the right amount of natural light and minimal color, it will not make your space feel smaller or too eclectic if matched with neutral furniture.

11. Decorative motif

This is a subtle format for your ceiling; however, it can be beautifully complemented with a Victorian design, as its appearance is reminiscent of the interior rules of that era.

12. Frame and lights

This layout does well to create a harmonious composition with two design features — a lighting and a black structure of the same color. The modern setup, where the lights hang over the frame down to where nightstands would be, is creative yet not overbearing of the minimalistic décor.

13. Textured drywall

This ceiling could be stunning in a contemporary design or any era-esque format, depending on how you structure the rest of the space. This pattern is beautiful, but you can execute it any way you prefer.

14. Grid pattern

Here, the interior designers used wood beams installed in different directions to create a grid pattern. This helps lead the eye from one area to another, and it can be a way to bring attention to your best décor items.

15. Porcelain

Many may think installing porcelain tiles on the ceiling is not very comforting. However, it is feasible if done correctly by a professional. This is an easier way to find the right color and texture for your ceiling, and if not damaged, they'll be perfectly colored with no defects.