The Unique Door Type Jenn Todryk Recommends Keeping During A Home Renovation

For homeowners looking to improve and renovate their homes, Jenn Todryk's "No Demo Reno" is typically a good source for clever ideas. However, not everyone agrees with Todryk's advice about French doors. While many people aren't fans of chic French doors, Todryk recommends embracing them when you renovate your home.

"Believe it or not, a lot of times when I walk into homes, clients are like, 'We don't like these French doors'" Todryk said (via "And I'm like, 'Why?' It kills me. They're so cool, they're so beautiful, and they're not in everyone's home." French doors can make your home appear more charming and unique, so it's a good idea to think twice before formulating a plan to get rid of them. Your French doors might have aesthetic and practical benefits you haven't considered yet — and let's face it, you don't want to go to the trouble and expense of installing new doors unless you really have to, right?  

Don't ditch your French doors

As Jenn Todryk said, French doors are gorgeous, so there's no reason to remove them from your house if you already have them. And Todryk isn't the only expert with a pro-French-door stance. "Originating in France during the Renaissance, these large paned 'windows' were designed to open, allowing access to a balcony," said Kristina Phillips of Kristina Phillips Interior Design in a chat with Homes & Gardens. "This idea evolved into what we now know as two side-by-side glass-paned doors. Having the option to swing open just one door, or both for a double-wide opening, marries flow and function beautifully."

Even if you don't already have French doors, you may want to consider investing in them. According to Angi, getting French doors in your home can cost anywhere from $400 to $2,000, while having exterior French doors will typically cost more, with prices from $1,000 to $4,000. Although those doors aren't cheap, you may find the investment is worth it.

How to upgrade your French doors

Do you have French doors and don't like how they look? Instead of jumping to remove them, consider modifying them to better complement the surrounding space, walls, and furniture. Have you ever thought that maybe the issue isn't the doors but their color or the way they're currently styled? Sometimes all it takes is a fresh paint job to revamp and improve your French doors. For example, Krystal Smit — an interior design-focused TikToker — posted a video completely changing the vibe of her office's French doors by painting them a high-contrast black instead of leaving them their more subtle original white.

Rather than committing to a new color, you can change and improve how your French doors look by styling them differently. TikTok user @lovelivinglife_ shared a video dressing up her simple exterior French doors by adding a chic mat and a beautiful green plant. In the comments, the video's creator also noted that she's considering further embellishing by adding fairy lights. So, don't be afraid to express your style with your French doors.