How To Nail The Look Of Hilary Farr's Gorgeous Laundry Room Design In Your Own Home

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Laundry rooms — much like bathrooms and basements — are often relegated as function-only spaces and skipped over when it comes time to incorporate aesthetically pleasing design and décor choices. However, infusing these functional rooms with intentional design can take them and the activities performed within them from drab and obligatory to pleasant and serene. Hilary Farr of "Love It or List It" recently showcased this concept when she featured her own home's remodel on the show.

When redesigning her home's laundry room, Farr focused on choices that would make the style of the room feel just as deliberate as that of the main rooms. "I love to give small bathrooms and even not often thought of spaces, like the laundry room, BIG design impact," the designer declared in an Instagram post showing off the area. If you're someone who — like Hilary Farr — sees the value in customizing even the most utilitarian of spaces, consider this your guide to a Farr-inspired laundry room. 

Add drama by creating contrast

A laundry room is typically pieced together without style in mind. This can lead to a bland, unintentionally monochromatic effect when white appliances are paired with white or light gray countertops and cabinets. Instead, make it your mission to create contrast in the room. If your washer and dryer are white, select cabinet, countertop, and/or backsplash colors that are dark. Hilary Farr, for instance, paired her white appliances with dark blue subway tiles. If your appliances are black or stainless steel, go for white or light-colored walls and cabinetry.

The more contrast you can muster, the more of an impact your design choices will make in the small space of a laundry room. This can also be achieved through art. For example, place a black and white painting in a warm gold or bronze frame. Look around the room for opportunities to pair dark with light and warm tones with cool tones to make each element pop. 

Turn necessities into décor pieces

One of the reasons many people give up on curating a particular style in their laundry room is the necessary presence of items that can clash with décor choices. It's difficult to rock a stylish room full of muted creams and grays, for example, with scattered elements like bright orange laundry detergent containers and electric blue boxes of dryer sheets at every turn. Rather than walking away from your design goals, turn these laundry room necessities into décor pieces.

A simple set of large glass decorative or canning jars can take the chaos of varied packaging for necessary laundry supplies like detergent pods, dryer sheets, clothes pins, scent beads, and fabric softener pods and turn them into an opportunity for stylized visual interest. You can currently score a set of four one-gallon glass jars by Kitchentoolz for under $40 on Amazon. Transfer your laundry supplies into these uniform clear containers and watch them transform from unsightly tools into legitimate décor pieces that provide great style and functionality at the same time.