The Clever Way You Should Be Using Ribbon On Your Christmas Tree

One of the most exciting aspects of preparing for the holiday season is decorating a Christmas tree. But what if you want to fill the gaps in your Christmas tree to make it look fuller? TikToker Juila Toscan posted a video sharing a convenient and stylish way to fluff up your Christmas tree with ribbon. The TikToker cut some squares out of gold ribbon, scrunched the squares up for volume, and placed them inside the tree's holes and gaps. Not only did the ribbon pieces help the tree appear fuller, but those shiny gold details made the tree look more chic.

Many viewers were very impressed with the hack. Pleased commenters wrote, "I have been doing this for years!" and "Pretty!" Responding to a commenter who asked if the ribbon pieces should be specific sizes, the video's creator explained that there isn't a size requirement and you should just use whatever size feels right for the space.

Try these alternative spins on the hack

TikToker Juila Toscan's hack for using pieces of ribbon to fill the gaps in your tree is a brilliant way to create the illusion of a more voluminous Christmas tree. But just because she used gold ribbon in her video, it doesn't mean you can only use ribbon in that color — feel free to experiment with other hues if you don't want to use gold.

For instance, if you want to stay with classic Christmas colors, use red ribbon for the festive red and green bolder Christmas theme. Or, consider reflecting your style through your Christmas tree by using ribbon in your favorite color, such as this sheer pink ribbon from Joann's for $10, for an ultra-girly look. Or, maybe you'll want to show your pride this holiday season by filling your Christmas tree gaps with rainbow ribbons!

Another hack to fill in the empty spaces in your Christmas tree doesn't involve ribbon and is perfect for fans of floral looks. Rowen Homes shared a TikTok video demonstrating that you can use floral stems for an elegant way to create a fuller-looking Christmas tree. So, if you love floral looks, consider adding flower stems or faux floral stems to fill the spaces in your tree instead of ribbon.