The Adorable DIY Christmas Gnome Decor Anyone Can Craft

Creating your own holiday decorations can personalize your space, and for this specific Christmas DIY, go big or go gnome (pun intended). We're making cute gnome decor that you can display outdoors or around your house for a chic ornament that doesn't showcase a traditional tree or bundle of mistletoe. Instead, the design is whimsical yet also classic, as you'll use coniferous branches, a red Santa hat, and a mini wood ball for the nose. Further, there are several ways you can put your spin on the decoration to fit your Christmas aesthetic, whether you're going for a winter wonderland theme or embracing a non-traditional color scheme for the holidays.

This gnome decoration is budget-friendly, as all the items you'll need to create one are relatively cheap (and you may already have some of the pieces around your house). For instance, you can get a holiday hat at your local Dollar Tree for less than $2, and a package of nine wood knobs for the nose costs $6 at Michaels. A little foraging can score you real pine needles for free, while a bundle of artificial pine branches sells for $10 on Amazon. Plus, there are alternatives for each item, so you can use what's most accessible to you. It takes just a few minutes to make but will spread the Christmas spirit all season long.

How to make this gnome decoration

Making this gnome decoration is simple. You'll only need something for the base, a hat, branches, the nose, and glue. If you're decorating outside, anything that will stand up to the wintery elements will work for the base, like a 7 to 9-inch round of plywood or foam. On the other hand, if your gnome is staying toasty inside, cardboard does the trick. First, glue or staple the real or faux branches to the bottom half of your base to create the character's beard. You can add poinsettias, red roses, or berry stems for a rustic look. Cotton balls, tinsel, and tissue paper are great alternatives for playful designs as well.

Next, choose a top for your gnome, like an elf hat, Santa hat, winter cap, or snowman top hat. You can either purchase one or make the design out of felt or construction paper. Secure the accessory to your base with glue or staples so that the hem lines up with the top of the beard and none of the base is visible. Then, glue a nose to the middle of the hat's hem. A wooden round finishes the rustic vibe, but a button or pom-pom could also pass for the appendage. Finally, hang your mythical creature with Command strips and string or prop it up on a shelf for a magical holiday look. Feel free to make several or give your gnome some friends by creating other DIY elf Christmas decor pieces.