How To DIY The Most Stunning Decorative Christmas Trees With Yarn

Making your own holiday decorations is a beautiful way to add a personalized touch to the season. They make a fun activity for your loved ones and are stellar homemade gifts. Yarn Christmas trees are a simple DIY that leaves lots of room for customization. After creating the base, you are free to decorate them to your heart's content, much like a full-sized pine. Plus, they are a great holiday decorating idea for small spaces.

You'll need paper mache cones, Mod Podge ($3 at Michaels), a skein of yarn, a foam brush, and plastic wrap. Your local craft store or dollar store should have all the supplies. The paper mache cones will be the molds for this project, and they are reusable — one cone makes a forest of trees. However, you can also DIY a cone mold with stock paper and tape to minimize the project costs even more. Now for the fun part!

How to make yarn Christmas trees

The first step in this DIY is wrapping the cones in plastic wrap. The film will protect the paper from getting wet and allow you to reuse it. Then, in a container, mix 2 ounces of Mod Podge with a teaspoon of water to thin the adhesive. It should be runny but thicker than water. Next, wrap the yarn around the cone. Start at the top and tightly spool the thread up and down the cone. You want enough yarn so the tree will be sturdy.

Although yarn is the main component for these mini Christmas trees, you can swap it for twine, fabric strips, or wrapping paper scraps. Since Mod Podge dries clear, colorful threads are a stellar choice to maximize allure. However, it is crucial to apply the adhesive in thin layers and let the first coat dry completely (about 30 minutes) before adding another layer. Once the cone is wrapped, glue the end piece of string with the Mod Podge before saturating the rest of the yarn. You want the mixture to penetrate all the layers of thread. After it is fully coated, wait for your creation to dry before removing the mold and plastic wrap. Now decorate! Tinsel, glitter, paint, cotton balls, and fairy lights are popular choices to bedazzle the mini Christmas tree. It is the time to personalize the ornament and show off your Christmas spirit. It will become a decor must-have for your Christmas celebrations.