15 Decor Must-Haves For Your Christmas Parties

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'Tis the season of entertaining, and you want your Christmas gatherings to be perfect. When your guests share their party pics on Instagram, it's your home their friends will see, so of course, it should look its best. Fusion Furniture suggests starting your party planning early. Determine the theme of your party and decor, then take some advice from Ol' Saint Nick by making your list and checking it twice. Fortunately, for party planning, it does not matter if you have been naughty or nice.

As you plan your gathering, there are several things to consider. First, set a realistic budget. It is way too tempting to spend more than you should, but sticking to your budget will allow you to enjoy your party without feeling guilty. Also, consider the size of your party. How many people can your home comfortably accommodate? Do you have outdoor space to utilize? With your basic party plan in place, here are some must-have decor items to make sure your gathering is a success.

Christmas tree

The first step in planning your holiday party decor is deciding where the Christmas tree should go, states Michael Helwig Interiors. Guests will likely enjoy gathering around the tree as they socialize, so make sure there is plenty of room for them to congregate.


Mistletoe became known as the kissing plant around the late 18th century, statesĀ Vogue. It is still a fun tradition at Christmas parties. Placing mistletoe in a doorway offers a sweet opportunity for budding romances as well as lifelong partners to share a smooch. Of course, if you're looking to keep your lips to yourself, use a different door.

A festive door wreath

Let your guests know they are in for a good time by greeting them with a beautiful Christmas wreath on your door. Reader's Digest recommends making your own wreath for something truly special and unique. Consider adding battery-operated lights for extra pizzazz.

Outdoor lights

If you live in a warmer region, encourage your guests to enjoy the fresh air in your outdoor space by adding Christmas lights. Christmas Lights, Etc. suggests keeping it simple with a few strands of party lights, or making your space pop with colorful icicle lights. Whatever you choose, Christmas lights are always magical against the night sky.

A fabulous centerpiece

Whether your meal is buffet style or a sit-down dinner, a centerpiece will make your table pop. Pre-made holiday centerpieces from your local florist make a stunning focal point, but if you are crafty, this is an area where you can save money by making it yourself, states Celebrate & Decorate.

Seasonal aromatics

Make your party a sensory delight by adding aromatics like cinnamon, pine, and citrus. Cooking Light recommends making your own scented pine cones for your Christmas decor. Dried orange slices also make an attractive and aromatic addition to garlands. Using real greenery instead of artificial in your decor will naturally bring in the woodsy scent of Christmas.

An adorned mantle

If you have a mantle, it is sure to be a backdrop for many party photos, so ensure this space is properly adorned. Parade suggests using lush garlands and getting creative with your mantle decor. There is really no wrong way to decorate your mantle, just keep an open mind and make it uniquely yours.

Plenty of coasters

Home Advisor states it could cost up to $100 an hour to have wood furniture refinished, so spare yourself the frustration that comes with expensive furniture repairs by providing coasters for every surface. Inexpensive felt or paper coasters are available in Christmas themes, like these on Amazon.

The right tablecloth

Protect your table from spills or other damage while adding to your festive decor with a tablecloth. Direct Textile Store suggests polyester tablecloths since they are easy to clean. Nylon and other durable tablecloths are available in many festive styles and shapes.

Portable bar cart

Whether you are serving mixed drinks or offering hot cocoa, a bar cart is a must-have for your party, states Nathan James. Place this moveable furniture anywhere it's convenient. Mixing cocktails in your living room? Want a DIY drink station in your dining room? Wherever you put it, your bar cart is going to look fabulous.

Whimsical touches

Add some whimsy to your Christmas party decor by decorating the ceiling, states Interior Design Info. Garland draped from the center of the room will certainly make a big statement. Lights, handmade snowflakes, and festive ornaments are great ways to add an element of fun to your space.

Patio heater

For regions that are cool, but not entirely controlled by Jack Frost, add a patio heater to your outdoor area to increase your usable space. According to the BBQ Guys, you need a heater for about every 10 square feet of entertaining space. A couple of outdoor heaters combined with your Christmas lights will definitely draw people outside.

Fresh blooms

You may not think about fresh flowers when you are planning your holiday decor, butĀ Flora Queen says fresh holiday flowers can help elevate the mood of your guests. Poinsettia, amaryllis, and paperwhites are traditional Christmas flowers that make beautiful additions to mantles and centerpieces.

Mood lighting

Even the most perfectly decorated home can be tarnished by bad lighting. Instead of using your overhead light, which is a task light, use the softer lighting options around your home, often called mood lighting. (via Socket Store) Use lamps, candles, and Christmas lights to cast a warm, inviting glow.


Where is the restroom? Unless you want to answer this question all night, consider adding signage to help your guests find where to powder their noses. For extra fun, This Worthy Life recommends adding signs for selfie stations, the cocoa bar, or anything else you want to highlight.