The Nail-Free Way To Hang A Christmas Wreath From Your Front Door

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The holiday wreath hanging on your door is right up there with the Christmas tree as one of the most longstanding symbols of the season. It's a symbol of welcoming and festive cheer for all who pass by. At the beginning of the tradition, these door decorations may have been hung by a simple nail or hammered into a wooden door. Today, not all our doors are wooden, and most of us don't want to risk damaging them. Obviously, technology has kept up with the desire to use different, damage-free methods to hang our wreaths, from temporary hooks to ribbons and other decorative ideas. The only considerations for which to use are your style preferences and the type of door you have.

Christmas wreaths aren't just beautiful decorations. Many aspects of the wreaths have different meanings in and of themselves. Their very shape represents eternity. The types of greens, cones, and berries used to decorate them traditionally offer promises of prosperity, protection, strength, and hope. Likewise, the people making them took great care to spread a joyful message in proper proportion. Wreaths bought online – like this $30 Red Berry Velvet Bow Boxwood Wreath from Walmart – should list their product weight. However, if you've made your wreath yourself, calculate its weight by weighing an empty box and weighing it again with the wreath inside. This will help you determine how strong your hanging method needs to be, giving you an idea of the best nail-free way to hang it.

The over-the-door wreath hanger

One of the easiest, most obvious ways to hang a Christmas wreath is with an over-the-door wreath hanger. These are usually metal and come in all kinds of finishes and colors. Sometimes, they're even wrapped in velvet or adorned with bells and bows. There are adjustable ones, too, if you want to hang your wreath higher or lower than the standard height. They slip over the top of your door, can hold quite a bit of weight (usually up to 20 or 30 pounds), and can be stored with the wreath in question, so they never get misplaced, making them a popular choice. 

There are a few downsides, however. Wreath hangers sometimes bang against the door when it's opened and closed. Also, they could potentially scratch the paint. If you're a renter with a landlord who likes to take note of any damage, this could potentially be more trouble than it's worth. These hangers are almost always visible as well, no matter how large your wreath is, because they attach to the top of your door. So if this doesn't appeal to you, we've got other options.

Magnets and hooks and ribbons, oh my!

Many hook options are smaller and less obtrusive than over-the-door wreath hangers, and you can use them on different door surfaces. These options won't cause damage, are easy to use, and are inexpensive. For metal doors, magnetic hooks ($6 on Amazon) work great. For glass, try suction cup hooks ($17 on Amazon). And for wood or other surfaces, there are Command hooks ($11 on Amazon). These all adhere well if positioned correctly behind a large enough wreath, and they'll be mostly invisible. However, they don't hold as much weight, so check their specifics before using them.

The most personalized and decorative option, however, is ribbon. A wide ribbon looped around your wreath that then disappears into the top of your doorframe looks beautiful, and it can be discreetly secured there with a flat magnet (metal door), thumbtacks (wooden door), or painter's tape (any door). Choose a ribbon that best fits your personality or wreath style — patterned or solid, whimsical or stately. This brings more of your joy into your decorations and the holiday season at large, and it's a great way to spread Christmas cheer.