TikTok's Hidden Step Stool Solution Is A Game Changer For Families With Children

While reaching items on countertops is easy for adults, it can be a completely different ballgame for children, whose size can restrict their access to otherwise easily accessible parts of the kitchen. Thankfully, you can turn this hassle-filled scenario into a complete breeze by implementing TikTok's hidden step stool solution, as shown by @diymomannie. This will make it much easier for children to access countertops via the use of a handy wooden platform. 

However, this hack isn't just restricted to your culinary space. You can use it in plenty of other rooms around your home as well, such as a bathroom, study, lounge, or even a bedroom if you can find a use for it. Whatever you choose, your options are essentially limitless and can be suited to your family's specific needs, helping you to choose the right step stool for your home. But the benefits don't end there. Not only does this DIY step make places around your home much more accessible, but it also saves you as a parent from having to clear away any rogue stools that could be a trip hazard if your child leaves them in weird and wacky places.

The tools you'll need to DIY this step stool

What you need for this hack will largely depend on how you decide to construct your step and the space you want to put it in, with some methods being simpler than others. To keep it simple, some of the basic things you should buy include some large pieces of wood of your choice, such as a solid pine wood panels from your local hardware store; some metal drawer runners (if you want to create one that pulls out like a drawer); a strong wood adhesive such as Titebond Original wood glue from Lowe's for $21.78, or a smaller bottle from Home Depot for $4.97; screws and a drill; sandpaper; a sand palmer; and the paint of your choice. You'll also need appropriate cutting tools, such as a table saw. 

You first need to start taking measurements for where you want your step-out stool to go, whether that's under your kitchen sink or in your bathroom, before cutting the pieces to the correct size. You'll end up with four pieces for the sides, and one piece for the step. On the front piece, you can cut a hole to attach a handle, while you can design the two side leg pieces however you think best. Once all your pieces are prepared, assembling them will be the next step.

Make your final touches

Take your time with the assembly. You need to attach the pieces together using your glue, drill, and screws. You'll drill holes in the appropriate places for the screws and glue each piece firmly in place. Once everything is connected, you can go in with your sandpaper and sand palmer for the finishing touches, before sliding it into place wherever you want to use it. Now, you should be left with a useful stepstool that all the family can use.

The reason this stool hack works well for children is because they may find it easier to reach snacks or to put their dishes on the counter. However, one downside to this hack, if you decide to use the drawer runners, is that you won't be able to move it around your home. It will be stuck in place, which limits its usability for other areas. Also, anyone using it will have to be careful, as the top of it could move when they stand on it due to its sliding nature.