Your Couch Will Smell Fresh Every Time You Sit Down With This Dryer Sheet Hack

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There's nothing better than sitting down and relaxing on your comfortable couch after a long, stressful day. But sometimes, even the most stylish or cozy couch will end up not smelling as good as when you first bought it. After so many people sit on the couch time after time, and it goes a while without cleaning, it's perfectly normal for the couch to smell less sweet and fresh. Still, before you drop too much money on cleaning it professionally when the only issue is that it doesn't smell as lovely as you'd like, you should try the dryer sheet hack.

It's been well established at this point that dryer sheets can make your home smell fresh, including your couch. Home and cleaning-focused TikToker Dean Rowland posted a video showing that putting two dryer sheets in each couch cushion cover, before adding more under the cushions, and then completing the hack with a fabric spray will make your sofa smell great. 

TikTok user Katye Cowles also shared a video trying the hack, slowly stuffing the dryer sheets into the cushion, noting that using more dryer sheets will lead to a more noticeable pleasant scent. She was very happy with the results when she smelled the dryer sheets-stuffed couch cushion! So, why not give the convenient and affordable hack a shot for a fresher-smelling couch?

Think about the kind of scent you want

There's nothing wrong with using classic dryer sheets for that fresh laundry-like smell. However, you may want to use some with more specific scents if you're looking for a more unique vibe. For instance, if you enjoy lavender and vanilla, check out the Downy Infusions Mega Dryer sheets in Lavender & Vanilla Bean, available for $6.97 at Walmart. On the other hand, if you'd prefer that your couch smell like honeysuckle, consider the True Living Dryer Sheet in Honeysuckle, which retails for just $1.95 at Dollar General. Or, if you'd like a more general floral scent, the Suavitel Complete Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets in Floral Burst, available for $1.95 at Family Dollar, should do the job. 

If you opt for one of those specific dryer sheet scents, remember to choose a fabric spray that won't clash with your selected smell, as using two products with completely different scents — such as lavender vs. cinnamon or mint — will likely lead to an overpowering, weird-smelling couch. The scent could then spread to the whole room. So, if you use the lavender and vanilla dryer sheets, you might want to pair them with the Febreze Odor-Fighting Fabric Refresher in Mediterranean Lavender, selling for $5.49 at Target. Meanwhile, if you chose the honeysuckle dryer sheets, check out the Abbey & Sullivan Linen Spray in Coconut Honeysuckle, available for $8.99 on Amazon.