The Flooring Upgrade The Stars Of Bargain Block Recommend Leaving To The Pros

Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas of Bargain Block are the kings of DIY. By doing almost everything themselves, they have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to renovations. It also helps them stay frugal so they can recoup as much as they can when they sell a finished house. While DIY has many benefits, it also has potential challenges, especially when it's something out of your comfort zone. This is something Evan faced when he tried to install a graphic tile in the bathroom during one of their projects, as seen in this YouTube clip.

Graphic, patterned tiles may be one of the top floor trends in 2023, but they have always been around as a way to make a statement in any space and make the floor the clear focal point. The final effect depends on how cohesive the look is, however, which is why tiles with complex patterns are tricky to DIY and it's better to hire a professional installer to do the job.

Complex graphic tiles

As Evan Thomas was laying down the tiles, he saw that the pieces weren't matching up and they looked out of line. He soon realized that it might be too complex of a project to take on. "Turns out getting a patterned tile perfectly lined up is harder than it looks," he said (via YouTube). Deciding whether to install graphic tiles yourself or hire a pro depends on various factors including the complexity of the pattern and the size of the project.

A simple pattern for a backsplash behind your stove, for example, should be easy to take on for a skilled DIYer, but a bathroom will be more complicated because it needs careful planning and execution. A professional can be trusted to do this as efficiently as possible. They will be better suited to cut the tiles, work around fixtures in the space, and will have any specialized tools that may be required. They will also be able to get it done quicker.

What to look for in a tiling contractor

In your search for a professional tiler, look for someone who has experience with installing tiles in the same setting (in this case, the bathroom floor). It also helps if they have worked with a similar complex pattern and are comfortable with planning the layout. Another tip is to inquire at wholesale tile supply stores for referrals. They sell to all kinds of contractors and should have recommendations based on the type of tile you want to install.

When hiring any contractor, it's important to do as much research as possible and verify their references. Find out all you need to know about their qualifications and licenses, their past projects, and what their previous clients have to say about them and their work. Look at photos of their tiling work as well so you can gauge their skill and make an informed decision on whether they're right for your flooring project.