Get The Look Of A Chic Hanging Planter For Less With This TikTok Dollar Tree Hack

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So, you want a chic hanging planter, but you have no idea where to start? Rather than exhausting your options online and struggling to find one that suits your individual taste, you could instead follow this hack by @dollartree.hacks and use only a wooden plaque and metal bracket to create your own unique version that looks simply stunning. By incorporating some purchases from your local Dollar Tree, you should be able to craft this creation for a relatively low price while customizing it how you like — a win for both you and your purse.

This makes it the perfect option if you have plenty of hanging baskets you want to put up, and you should be able to make as many of these as you like to use around your home or outdoors. All you'll need is a wooden plaque in any shape, spray paint or regular paint in the color of your choice, primer for your wood, some screws and a screwdriver, and a wall hook. For the plaque, consider these wooden crafting plaques from $3.00 at Dollar Tree or these beveled edge wooden shapes for $1.25 each at Dollar Tree. For the wall hook, Home Depot sells an iron plant bracket for $4.98, or find a pair of outdoor brackets on Amazon for $16. There are plenty more available if you want something with a different look, style, or size — just make sure that it'll fit on your wooden plaque.

Attach your bracket to your wooden plaque

To create this chic planter, simply take your wooden plaque, screwdriver, screws, and your brackets of choice and attach it with the screws so that it's secure before customizing it however you like. For example, you could paint it gold, pink, blue, white, or any other color that your heart desires. For a more unique look, consider adding glitter or painting a pattern on your plaque using a stencil, such as these leaf stencils off Amazon for $11.99. This is your opportunity to really get creative with it — you could even experiment with differently shaped plaques, such as circular or hexagonal, if you wish. Once your design is dry, you can screw your plaque into your wall and use it to hang an indoor plant of your choice. Now, you can stand back and take a look at your new trendy hanging planter!

The reason this hack works so well is because the wooden plaque combined with a metal bracket helps give off a "chic" look while still offering plenty of customizability. You even have the option of leaving it as plain wood if you want to achieve a simpler look. Keep in mind that you should ensure that the plant you're hanging isn't too heavy for your wall hanger; otherwise, you risk breaking it. Be sure test your hanging plants.