TikTok's Laundry Booster Dollar Tree Hack Isn't Exactly What It Seems

If you're a sucker for laundry that smells extra clean when it comes out of the dryer, you're probably familiar with Downy's scent booster bead products. Recently, a TikTok user by the name of TrashAndChampagne posted a bombshell video on the platform claiming that the very same beads sold as Downy brand at Target for $0.82 per ounce can be purchased for just $0.13 per ounce at Dollar Tree.

The creator alleges in the video that Downy sells their slightly irregular scent booster beads to Dollar Tree to be resold under a different name for a fraction of the price. The beads sold at Dollar Tree are half-spheres and the packaging does not specify a scent. Many commenters on the video seem to agree with the claim. "This actually happens at the Dollar Tree a lot when something is not made correctly," user Hillary Burke commented. "The dollar tree can purchase it and sell it." Could these claims possibly be true?

Are Dollar Tree laundry scent booster beads really Downy in disguise?

If the TikTok allegations are true, the company doesn't appear to want anyone to know about it. When contacted by Daily Dot, a Downy spokesperson insisted that the brand does not offer its product under any other name to any other company. Upon comparison, it's also easy to see that the ingredients of Downy Unstopables and Dollar Tree In-Wash Fragrance Boosters are not quite the same. Downy Unstopables contain PEG, fragrances, methyl di-t-butyl hydroxyhydrocinnamate, and colorants. Dollar Tree In-Wash Fragrance Boosters contain sodium chloride, fragrance, and colorant.

It does not appear that the TikTok sleuth community got it right this time. However, that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy saving money on scent booster beads. If the Dollar Tree booster beads leave your laundry smelling fantastic for less, we say, go for it. Try adding some to the bottom of your trash cans or sprinkling a few into the canister to freshen up your vacuum, while you're at it!