The Simple Laundry Trick That Will Keep Your Bedding From Balling Up In The Dryer

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When it's that time of the month again, you know, to wash your bedding, it can be dreadful. You're fitted sheet is in a clump with damp tank tops inside, the duvet is dry on one end but wet on the other, and socks have twisted into your pillowcase. You wash your bedding separately to avoid this, but the sheets fold on themselves, and you just want to deliver them to the dry cleaners. But don't fret. Wool dryer balls are the answer to your laundry woes.

Adding wool balls to your dryer will keep your sheets and comforters from balling up, helping them dry properly. These accessories are made from a natural material, making them eco-friendly. You don't have to worry about chemicals coating your favorite bed set or adding any to the environment. Plus, they are durable and will be there for you load after load — although washing the wool spheres after every use extends their life even more. And there are other laundry benefits than just de-balling.

Add wool dryer balls to your dry cycle

For regular loads, three wool dryer balls will do the trick, and a fourth ball will seal the deal for large ones. After washing your sheets, give them a good shake before tossing them in the dryer. Then, evenly scatter the wool balls. The added orbs will tumble against your bedding, stopping the fabrics from closing in on themselves and tangling. The motion also breaks up clumps of down, feathers, and stuffing. As the pieces are fluffed, they will dry quicker, saving you time and money.

Wool balls also help with eliminating wrinkles and increasing airflow for even drying. Bouncing around in the drum, they create spaces between the garments so heat can be better distributed. The balls jostle your bedding, preventing articles from clinging together, which decreases wrinkles and static. On the downside, the wool fibers may shed, giving your sheets a linty finish. However, if you're not sold on buying another laundry item, another ball in your closet might be able to help.

Tennis balls are a quick replacement

There are handy ways to repurpose tennis balls around the house, including the laundry room. They act in the same manner as wool dryer balls, helping to decrease wrinkles, static, drying time, and clumping. You can space out three or four in the dryer, and they'll intercept the wadding sheets. However, there is a risk of the tennis ball's yellow coat rubbing off in the cycle. Perform a test load to ensure the dye from the sports equipment does not run onto your fabrics. Placing the tennis balls into a clean sock before adding them to the dryer may help prevent the neon fibers and coloring from marrying with your duvet.

There are a few other risks to be mindful of. The rubber interior of the tennis ball may release an unpleasant smell when met with high temperatures. The bouncing is also very noisy in your dryer drum compared to the wool balls, but that's the sound of bedding wads breaking up. Tennis balls might be suitable now and then, but if you plan on keeping your bedding from balling up every wash, popular wool dryer balls are a good investment, such as these Everspring 100% New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls at Target for $10 .