Swap Overhead Lights For This Cozy IKEA VARMBLIXT Lamp And Watch What Happens

Whether you're settling in for the festive season or you just like your home to exude a cozy ambiance, lighting can make all the difference in the mood of your dwelling. Overhead lighting can be great for giving your rooms a bright, cheery vibe, but switching these out for the IKEA VARMBLIXT lamp, priced at $69.99, will instantly transform your space from energetic to snug and warm. Many professionals consider warm lighting to be one of the best types of lighting to use in your home. Not only will this change elevate any room and provide a truly pleasant atmosphere, but your overall mood will benefit, too.

IKEA's VARMBLIXT collection was designed alongside Sabine Marcelis, a New Zealand-born Dutch designer known for her collaborations with bigger brands like Céline, Renault, and, of course, the massively popular aforementioned home store. Her new creations bring soft shapes into the home, and the glazed donut lamp looks as delicious as the real thing while touting a better mindset within your abode. If you've been looking for new ways to enjoy your space, choosing the IKEA VARMBLIXT over whiter, brighter overheads will do the heavy lifting for you.

Let the IKEA VARMBLIXT lamp create the cozy vibes

Studies show that warmer lighting helps the human brain transition into a state of relaxation and calmness. By implementing warmer lights in your living room, bedroom, or any other area where you wind down, the color will help tell your mind and body it's safe while also getting you in a cozy mindset. The IKEA VARMBLIXT provides the ideal warm lighting for this, turning the area it inhabits into a welcoming respite that will improve your mood and help you to feel settled. If you place it in naturally darker areas, this lamp can also make a small room look bigger.

The warm light of this lamp is due in part to the orange glass that encompasses the bulb, and this hue also builds a chic but vintage decor wherever you place or hang it. The 70's retro vibe has been popping up in home interiors over the last few years in a big way, and many homeowners have embraced the vibes wholeheartedly, which is why the VARMBLIXT lamp works. Overhead lighting is great for completing tasks or entertaining because it keeps people alert and focused, but it doesn't need to be used when you're trying to enjoy a good book, a favorite movie, or any other quiet activity.

How to style it

If your rooms feature overhead lighting, you can use the VARMBLIXT lamp on tabletops or hang it on a wall and use it for times you want to relax. Because it's an entire donut shape that can be situated flush against your wall if you choose to hang it, you don't lose any of the design. And, the softness of the ring emits more light than a semi-circle. The same goes for setting it up on a desk, shelf, table, or any other flat surface: you get all the glow without sacrificing glass or light.

Use this eye-drawing piece on a wall you've been wanting to upgrade, or include it among other art that already exists on a gallery wall. Swap out bright overhead lights in smaller rooms and allow the IKEA VARMBLIXT to emit an inviting and sumptuous glow on bedside or accent tables. Wood is always a good complement to orange hues like the one found on this lamp. When you're considering staging points, neutral-colored walls are good if you're hanging it, or add some blue glass tones and gold as accent pieces to complement the VARMBLIXT in your home.