Save On Christmas Ornaments With This Festive Dollar Tree DIY

Money often gets tight around the holidays, but you do not need to sacrifice the enjoyment of a beautiful Christmas tree to stay within budget. You can certainly save big bucks by purchasing new ornaments at a discount store, but even those small purchases add up. To make your own beautiful, unique snowflake ornaments, you just need to visit the laundry aisle of your local Dollar Tree.

Making snowflakes out of clothespins isn't just for those looking to save money, however. This is a fun craft to do with kids since there are so many ways to make these simple wooden snowflakes unique. Use what you have on hand like glitter, fabric scraps, faux flowers, stickers, or other craft supplies to keep this project extra budget-friendly. Or, if you want a more refined and cohesive look, grab what you need from the craft store or just travel a few aisles over to the crafting section while you're shopping at Dollar Tree.

Making snowflake ornaments out of clothespins

For this project, you will need clothespins, which come in packages of 54 for $1.25. This should give you about eight ornaments. You'll also need craft glue or a hot glue gun along with your decorations. Disassemble the clothespins by removing the metal springs, which you can discard. Glue the back sides of the wood pieces together, creating one arm of the snowflake. Then, glue the rounded bottoms of the eight arms together to create a snowflake shape.

Once everything has dried, the fun really begins! While older children can help with gluing, you can get the whole family involved in decorating. Grab some glue sticks and glitter for sparkling snowflakes, or simple scraps of ribbon, burlap, or fabric for a more rustic look. Create something truly refined by painting the wood pieces to match your color palette and adding delicate, white-painted trim to make them look even more like snowflakes. Don't worry about making your crafts perfect -– after all, no two snowflakes are alike.