DIY A Unique Side Table Using Pool Noodles To Add Flair To Any Room

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Sometimes, buying another side table just isn't in the budget — no matter how badly you want to display that new houseplant or handmade pillar candle. Luckily, TikTok has your back when you just need to have a cute way to show off your goods without paying the price of purchasing a new furniture piece. A new hack has surfaced on the app that focuses on building a small side table using inexpensive dollar-store pool noodles and some basic household items and tools.

If you've been searching for an ultra-affordable side table for displaying light décor, this is the DIY for you. For a basic version, all you'll need is six to eight pool noodles, a round pan, serving tray, or other circular board, paint, twine, a cutting utensil, and a hot glue gun with glue sticks. For a sturdier, more permanent version, you'll need six to eight pool noodles, two foam rounds, a poster board, a hot glue gun with glue sticks, sandpaper, a cutting utensil, instant cement, mesh fabric strips, and textured spray paint — like Rustoleum in Gray Stone — currently available on Amazon for $16.96. Once you've gathered your materials, it's time to start building. 

How to build a pool noodle side table

Regardless of which version of the pool noodle side table you've chosen to make, the first step is to cut all your pool noodles into equal halves. If you've chosen the basic version, paint each pool noodle and your round pan, tray, or board with your chosen color. Once the pieces have dried, wrap twine around the bottom and top of each pool noodle half to add visual interest. Then, use your hot glue to attach the pool noodle halves around the bottom of the round pan, tray, or board top as legs, leaving a bit of overhand around the edge. Attach any remaining halves to the middle of the circle for added support.  

If you've chosen the more secure version, wrap your poster board into a cylinder shape and glue it in place. Then, glue the pool noodle halves around the board and attach a foam circle on each end. Mix your cement according to the direction on the bag and apply the mesh fabric strips — covered in wet cement — to the entire table. Allow the strips and cement to dry, and then apply a coat of cement using a scraper. Once this coat has dried, smooth the cement with sandpaper and apply your textured spray paint to create the appearance of stone.

How to style a pool noodle side table

Once you've built your pool noodle side table, it's time for the fun part — styling it. While you can place any type of décor that your heart desires onto your table, there are a few classics you can always rely on as good places to start, especially if you're new to decorating. A houseplant is a tried-and-true hit for any small accent table, for instance. If you're not into plants, try a grouping of candles or a few photos in frames of varying sizes.

Looking to stand out from the crowd? Use your pool noodle side table to display items just a bit farther off the beaten path, like a zen garden, a mini fish bowl, or a stack of vintage vinyl records or magazines. You can currently snag an ICNBUYS circular zen garden set or a Biggun mini betta fish bowl on Amazon for less than $30. As long as your side table décor represents you and your unique view of life, it will radiate style and personality to all who enter your home.