Here's Why The Internet Is Calling IKEA's Microwave 'Perfect'

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Selecting a suitable microwave can be daunting when so many options are available, especially when it comes to functionality, usability, design, and settings. Although it may feel overwhelming, there is one contender from Ikea that the internet is dubbing as "perfect," namely the TILLREDA microwave — and for good reason. It all boils down to its simplistic and user-friendly design, as there are no over-complicated settings, which you can often find on other microwaves, such as several different buttons or a multitude of options to press. Instead, it implements a handy layout that utilizes only two twistable nodules — perfect if you're looking for something to quickly get the job done.

Likewise, with the average microwave costing anywhere upward of $100, the TILLREDA (which you can grab from Ikea) is relatively cheap at $59.99 — making it a complete steal if you ask us! To help you make an informed decision, we'll take a broader sweep over some customer reviews for this product and comments from the manufacturers themselves — so you can make the best purchase possible for your budget.

Customers feel it's a straightforward appliance

Combing the customer reviews for this product, many comments highlight just how straightforward this device is to use, suggesting that the customer experience is mostly a positive one. For example, one customer on the Ikea website stated, "Having bought I have found very good and easy to use," while another buyer expressed similar sentiments: "This fits the bill. Simple settings, so not for those seeking auto cook settings, etc." Of course, this reflects its user-friendly design — performing just as many other more expensive appliances would — such as for heating drinks or a ready meal of your choice, hence why some users have labeled it as "perfect."

Circling back to the style of the product, it's perfect if you're looking for something plain and aren't too fussed about the aesthetic side of things, making it suitable for kitchens, microwave drawers, or even areas such as office spaces and workplaces. If you're not sure where to put your microwave, you could even have one in your garage as a backup. As this microwave is made by either Whirlpool or Electrolux (two companies that create and sell electrical appliances), you can also rest easy knowing that your purchase comes from a reputable company, which allows for some peace of mind. However, there are some caveats to take into consideration. 

Some customers had concerns with durability

Like with most products, there was also some negative feedback with this particular item, more precisely, in terms of its heating abilities and mechanical issues for some buyers. One prime example of this comes from one user in the USA, who shines some light on the edible side of things: "I agree with the below review in its ability to cook food evenly. Flatter plates and food are okay, but taller containers such as microwave ramen noodles are not so great." Some of the mechanical issues included faults after only a short time owning the device, alongside one user from the UK highlighting that the timer on his particular purchase wasn't always accurate. It may also be challenging if you're looking for an option to defrost things, as there is no particular setting for that. For more functionality, you may opt for a BLACK+DECKER microwave from Target for $80.99.

However, the overall sentiment seems positive, with a rating of four stars out of five on the American and British Ikea websites, alongside reviews on Google, which stand at 4.6 stars overall — quite impressive, despite its setbacks. Essentially, it gets the basic jobs done. Much of this feedback was gathered from customers' reviews on official websites, such as Ikea and Google, looking at users from a variety of countries to paint an overall picture. Now, all you need to do is decide whether it's the right fit.