Where To Put Your Microwave, According To Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese architectural science that aims to balance the five elements in interior design, wood, water, metal, fire, and earth. When balance is achieved, energy called chi can flow freely through the room, bringing health, wealth, and overall good vibes to residents. Having a well-balanced kitchen is especially important because we spend a lot of time in the kitchen socializing, relaxing, working, and cooking to nourish our bodies — so, how should we implement feng shui in our kitchens? 

Most American families own a microwave, but does a microwave symbolize metal or fire in feng shui? While implementing feng shui in your home can come rather easily, some things like appliances, garbage cans, microwaves, and other necessities for modern living can be extra tricky to fit in. Thankfully, you can still have a microwave in a feng shui kitchen, it will just require a little planning to ensure the chi stays balanced in this crucial area.

Avoid conflicting placements

Although they are comprised of metal, microwave ovens actually contribute to the fire element in the kitchen, much like a stove or standard oven. One of the cardinal rules of feng shui is that fire and water shouldn't mix. When these two elements come too close together, they extinguish each other and create bad chi. For this reason, the microwave shouldn't be placed opposite from or right next to the sink or refrigerator, as these are considered water elements. If they must occupy the same counter space, leave some room or place objects between the microwave and water appliances. Additionally, the microwave shouldn't be above the stove, as this can block wealth and prosperity.

The layout of your kitchen could also affect where you should place the microwave. In general, your microwave should be far away from the dining table, bar, or other communal lounging areas. Microwaves emit a small amount of radiation, which is mostly harmless, but it isn't good for feng shui energy. Sitting away from the microwave will limit exposure to low-level EMFs which project Sha Chi, negative energy.

Improve your kitchen's flow

Balancing the flow of the whole kitchen can help your appliances fit more comfortably into feng shui. Look for ways to incorporate soft lines and curved furniture into your kitchen and keep the space clean and tidy. Tuck knives away in a drawer or knife block and decorate the area with live plants to promote growth, vitality, and prosperity. Wearing black tourmaline jewelry or placing a bowl of tourmaline crystals in your kitchen will help to block and remove negative energy emitted by your microwave. 

Microwaves are a wonderful convenience, but most feng shui experts would advise against regularly using them. Cooking is a life-sustaining ritual that allows you to wind down, appreciate abundance, and nourish your body. When it's completed in just a few minutes in the microwave, you aren't reaping the same energy benefits. For this reason, use other cooking methods whenever possible and channel positive energy into your food, rather than potentially negative EMFs.