Create A Handy Toilet Paper Shelf With This Simple DIY

Perhaps you're not happy with your current toilet paper holders and want to add a bit of functionality to the piece, or maybe you've just moved into a new home without one — either way, you want to change things up. That's where crafting your own unique DIY toilet paper shelf can come in, as you can customize it however you like. You can add some extra features with a shelf as well, allowing you to create a much more usable space while still being able to access your toilet roll at the same time. For example, you may want to use it as a surface to hold small plants or items such as your glasses or your phone.

In fact, you could even craft one for each bathroom in your home if you wish, making it perfect if you're looking for a solution that you can implement into several spaces at once. First, you'll need an appropriately-sized piece of wood in the shape of your choice, such as this unfinished wood rectangle for only $0.67 at Walmart, or a hexagonal shape for $1.57, also from Walmart, that you could cut to fit against your wall. For the rest of the project, grab some antique wax, sandpaper, a palm sander, screws, washers (if necessary), a toilet paper holder (like this one from IKEA), brackets (such as these from Home Depot), and any other decorative elements you may want, such as spray paint.

Prepare your crafting wood

Once you decide on what wood you will be using, simply use your palm sander to smooth it out before applying some antique wax, which you can grab from Walmart for $7.27. However, instead of using wax, you can also paint it in the color of your choice to match the interior of your space and steer away from the more rustic decor. You even have the option to add some self-adhesive mirror tiles for a more retro vibe, but you would have to implement this as a final touch when it's on your wall. When your design and personalization is complete, simply screw your brackets to the edge of your piece of wood, alongside your toilet paper holder, ensuring that they're firmly in place before securing it where you want on the wall. Of course, you should ensure you can easily reach the toilet paper and it's not too high, low, or far away.

To customize your look even further, you could consider switching up the brackets to suit your particular style, such as opting for these colonial brackets from Home Depot for $6.98 instead. Or, use a longer piece of wood and add multiple toilet paper roll holders rather than just one, which would be particularly great for large families who go through a lot of paper. However you decide to craft it, you should have a rather useful shelf on your toilet roll holder as a result.