Create A Work Of Art For Your Home With This Affordable DIY Pool Noodle Vase

You can never run out of things to create for the home with pool noodles nearby. Some of our favorite DIY pool noodle projects include wreath bases for Christmas decorations, beds for our furry friends, and wrist rests for those working from home. From TikTok creator @nittas_homeandstyle comes to us another simple pool noodle hack. Using a few affordable materials, she walked us through the process of making a decorative vase, and we thought of some other ways to tailor it to your space, too.

Used as a decorative piece with the bar cart in what looks like a dining area, the vase fits in perfectly with the other gold and silver accents she used to lift the mainly white and black decor. You might want to use it in another part of the house or with a different design theme, though, so adjust this tutorial as needed. Three things you can modify are the size of the pool noodles, the color of the spray paint, and the filling for the vase.

The DIY pool noodle vase tutorial

The materials used are 8 standard-size pool noodles, duct tape, rust-oleum gold spray, and a glue gun. You can find a 6-pack of these pool noodles at Walmart for around $30 while an 11-ounce bottle of gold metallic spray paint costs $7 at Home Depot. The first thing to do is cut the pool noodles to size — you'll be stacking them on each other, in decreasing sizes from bottom to top, so they make a triangle. Cut them at 20, 24, 28, 32, and 36 inches in length. After cutting, form them into circles individually by taping the ends together. Make sure they are taped well. You should be able to make two separate triangles with 5 rows each.

Next, add another square of tape where the hot glue will go, so the pool noodle doesn't melt. Do this starting with the biggest pool noodle and keep going until you've glued them all together in their separate sets. Now, join both triangles together by their bigger ends using the glue gun. The final form should look like a diamond with open ends at the top and bottom. Apply the gold spray all over and your DIY vase is ready to be filled.

Ways to modify the hack

To customize the vase, consider using smaller-diameter pool noodles to make the rims on the vase smaller. The Walmart ones linked above have a diameter of about 2.5 inches, but you can find thinner. Amazon has a 6-pack of 1.5-inch pool noodles for under $18. The finished product is great for a space with a transitional, eclectic, or shabby chic design style. The gloss of the metallic gold adds sparkle and communicates a sharp elegance. However, it won't fit in all styles, so you can change the color of the paint to fit your aesthetic. For example, the spray paint listed above also comes in silver or brass, which would be more fitting for a modern or industrial style.

For the filling, the creator put ostrich feathers in hers, which are commonly used in vases and centerpieces, but real or faux leaves or dried flowers are also nice options. This light, white Setaria grass bunch from Idlewild Floral Co. is a great option for a bohemian setting. It can be used by itself or added to a bouquet with other dried flowers. Another option is to simply leave the vase empty as a work of art that can shine by itself.