TikTok's Amazing Paint Gadget Find Makes Home Improvement Projects Easier Than Ever

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Whether you are a pro at home improvement projects or just learning the ropes, you may be surprised to learn that a lot of the best tips and tricks can be found on your phone. TikTok has become a mega-hub for DIY-obsessed scrollers — and for good reason. If you've ever attempted to paint a wall in your home, you know it's not for the faint of heart. To get your paint job to look professional, you need to prime the area, mix your paint, and apply painter's tape where needed. But most importantly, you need to know how to apply the paint correctly.

Paint rollers are usually the best option when it comes to painting an entire wall, but the handheld device can be tiring, especially when you constantly have to dip it in more and more paint. Professionals often use a pole and an extension to avoid this, but TikTok may have introduced us to a new paint gadget that makes things even easier: the automatic paint roller. But is it really worth the hype? We looked into TikTok users' opinions and Amazon reviews to find out.

How the automatic paint roller works

@mr_nawab898 on TikTok, who is often conducting experiments on home improvement tools to determine if they are, in fact, DIY hacks, attempted to try out the automatic paint roller. In his demonstration, he fills the roller with yellow paint before applying it to the wall. By the end of the video, it's clear that the roller seems to eliminate the constant need to re-dip your roller in your paint, making painting your house by yourself much easier.

Explaining the methodology behind the device a bit further, Alex of @realiferenovation on TikTok shows us the step-by-step of using the roller. He shows us how to suck up the paint in the same way you would use a syringe, pressing the lever at the bottom to release the paint as you brush. In a comment, he also mentions that cleaning the device is just as easy, only needing to fill a bucket with water and sucking it up to empty out the paint. And while the TikTok users seem to approve of this gadget, we knew the real test would lie in the Amazon comments.

Is the automatic paint roller really worth it?

If you have been influenced by TikTok and want to buy an automatic paint roller, the Wagner 0530004 SMART Flow Paint Roller ($53.96) is the one they used in their videos. According to the description, the roller makes it much easier to paint a home and get to hard-to-reach places like ceilings and high walls, but some of the commenters feel differently. One buyer said "I'm a pretty strong guy but this was very difficult to do for a few hours straight. The leverage you get from a regular roller with a pole attached to the handle is much much easier on the body." Others were disappointed with the clean-up process after using, the paint splatter that occured, and the amount of paint needed to fill the device. 

Still, others disagreed, praising the product for its ease. "The Wagner SMART Flow Paint Roller has completely changed the way I approach painting projects. With its automatic power and convenient design, this paint roller has made painting a breeze, saving me time and effort while achieving excellent results," said one user. Another mirrored that sentiment, saying "This product made painting my living room so much easier. The roller and pole are made of good quality products, it provides great coverage once you get the paint onto the roller." So while the reviews are mixed, this gadget may be worth trying for your next DIY paint job – just make sure you read the directions carefully.