The Affordable IKEA IVAR Solution For Towel Storage In A Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms might present storage concerns, but there's no need to write off a tight space when there are so many clever ways to work around them. The Ikea IVAR – which might already serve you as built-in storage in your home office – becomes a space-saving bathroom rack that lets you hang everything from toiletry bags to towels. It'll even support baskets to hold necessities — keeping them off the counters or floor. Repurpose this storage shelf with some wood filler, paint, and a couple of hobby store knick-knacks, and you'll have a designer piece for a wallet-friendly price.

To get this functional and fun result, your first order of business is to head to Ikea and grab the IVAR side unit. The rung ladder-style piece is advertised to bookend shelves for larger storage in the home, but a single Ikea IVAR fits great in a small bathroom and can add just enough room for accessories without feeling bulky. You'll also need wood filler, a hand saw, a drill, sandpaper, paintbrushes, and Peg Men, as well as paint or stain for customization. 

How to make your own towel caddy

@ikeahacksandideas_1st 🌟 Check out this incredible IKEA hack by @bangonstyle! 🔥 She transformed an IVAR side unit from @ikeauk into a trendy bathroom ladder. 🚿💡✨ 🔧 She ingeniously added a TJABBIG basket, wooden pegs from a craft store, and gave it a stunning finish with eggshell paint from @dunelmuk. 🧺🔨🎨 💸 And the best part? The whole project only cost around $30! 😱 Talk about affordable yet stylish DIY magic! 💰💅 🤔 What do you think of this brilliant IKEA hack? Let us know in the comments below! 💭💬 🔎 For more amazing ideas and inspiration, make sure to visit the @bangonstyle page. 🤩✨ #IKEAhack #IKEA #IKEAhacks #IKEAdiy #IKEAhome #IKEAideas #IKEAlover #InteriorDesign #InteriorInspiration #ivarhack #InteriorHacks #DIY #DIYHomeDecor #Divideas #DIYProject #HomeMakeover ♬ Originalton – IKEA Hacks & Ideas

The Ikea IVAR comes with an abundance of small holes along each vertical plank, which can be filled with wood filler ($11 at Home Depot) to create a consistent, more aesthetic look. Once the holes are filled in, use sandpaper or a buffer to clean up the planks. Next, you'll want to use a hand saw to cut the bottoms diagonally so the shelf can rest against the wall at an angle and sit flat on the floor.

When cut for the ideal "lean-to," you can choose your paint color! Get creative with colors that match your decor, or stick to neutrals that look clean and chic. If you use a pop of color, it can bring in a wow factor without being overwhelming. You can also weather your wood if you prefer a vintage look — using nails or other tools to distress the sides once you've painted them. Make sure to tape the horizontal rungs before you paint if you plan to stain them instead. Staining these will allow you to match any other wood in the bathroom and keep a more natural element. Using a small foam paintbrush ($5 at Michaels) for this part will make it easier to reach all the surface area without affecting the paint.

Storage simplified

In order to create towel holders and knobs, TikTokker @bangonstyle purchased wooden peg dolls from a local craft store. You can find Wood Peg Men ($4 at Hobby Lobby), as well as at Target, Walmart, and Michaels for around $10 or less, and they come in size variety packs, so you can use different options on each rung. To attach these, you can drill them to ensure they can bear heavier loads, or you can also try using wood glue if you prefer to avoid the power tool route. By drilling the pegs in, you are assured they will be able to keep items, especially towels, from pulling them off, but if you plan to only hang lighter items, glue can work too. Once you've stained and drilled these additions, it's time to utilize your new Ikea IVAR caddy.

Use the top pegs for everything from toiletry bags to hair accessories and jewelry. The middle rung can be used for towels or linens. If you place the wooden pegs equidistant on the bottom rung to the opening of a basket, it can be hung on the pegs to keep it off the floor and filled with more towels. You can also use the bottom portion for cleaning supplies. With a few modifications, this side unit will make storage in a small bathroom chic, functional, and simple.