How Much You Can Expect To Spend On Laminate Countertops

Countertops made from popular materials like quartz and granite can be extremely expensive and not fit within a carefully planned budget. Laminate is a great alternative to costly countertop materials, as it can replicate the look of them without the high price point to go with it. Different types of laminate will cost more or less, but knowing the average amount you'll be paying makes budget planning a whole lot easier. Per Angi, the average cost of installed laminate countertops in 2023 was $1,239. On the whole, prices ranged from $840 to $1,732.

At its core, laminate is made from kraft paper with plastic and protective resins that are then fused together to form one layer. This mixed layer is then joined to another solid layer. Laminate can be glossy or matte, and can have pretty much any picture you require on it, making it massively versatile as well as budget-friendly. The prices above are based on data taken from various projects, but remember that costs will vary depending on where you live — in a large city, contractors and labor in general are more likely to be expensive than in a small town.

Start by measuring your kitchen

Size is also a major factor when it comes to the cost of laminate countertops. For a kitchen featuring 20 to 30 square foot of countertop to cover, Home Guide reported that the average cost in 2023 was $400 to $2,400. This jump in cost can be attributed to the type of laminate chosen and the location in which the work was done. For kitchens with countertop square footage of 30 to 40 feet, the price ranged from $600 to $3,200, and for large kitchens with 40 to 60 feet of countertop space, the price was between $800 to $4,800.

However, these prices do include installation. For just the laminate countertop materials, the average cost per square foot with a regular finish was between $10 to $15, with the price rising slightly for laminate with types of finishes like antimicrobial. This means that, if you wanted to save some money, you could install it yourself to save on labor costs (though we do not recommend this unless you are a seasoned DIYer to prevent issues in the future).

Spending a little more can be beneficial

When looking at laminate countertops, cheaper isn't always better. You should never extend your budget if you truly can't, but laminate countertops on the cheaper end of the scale often don't last long. While there are ways to extend the life of your countertops, investing a little more money to buy laminate with added features will benefit you in the future. These features can include an extra protective layer on top (laminate is prone to scratches), and resistance to moisture. Excess moisture can lead to delamination, which in turn can cause your countertops to look uneven. 

Angi reports that antimicrobial laminate (which is commonly moisture-resistant) costs $15 to $30 on average per square foot. This average range rises to $20 to $55 per square foot for laminate made from high-quality materials with added sturdiness and durability. Estimations are helpful, but keep in mind that the exact cost of laminate countertops will depend on factors like the size of your kitchen and any added features. Still, the above figures will help you get started on budgeting for your dream kitchen.