The Once-Popular Bathroom Trend That May Be Making A Major Comeback In 2024

Aside from a toilet, a sink, and a bath or shower, there's one essential every bathroom needs, and that's some sort of storage cabinet. There are heaps of different types of storage, whether you have a large, small, or medium-sized bathroom, but the humble medicine cabinet is one thing you should definitely consider incorporating into your bathroom. Once a staple of bathrooms everywhere, this handy addition fell out of favor and was replaced by open shelving or tall cabinets. 

Its bulky, unfashionable look and old-fashioned vibe pushed it to the back of the line for quite a while. However, it has been steadily making a comeback, and we're not complaining. Named so because it's typically where people would store their various medicines and toiletries, the medicine cabinet is an undeniably useful item to have in your bathroom. If you're picturing a dusty wooden cabinet, stop right now — the medicine cabinets of 2024 are sleek, modern, and oh-so-functional.

The return of this staple item means you'll never have to look for anything again

Speaking to The Spruce, an interior design expert, Luis Carmona, shared why he thought the once decidedly uncool storage unit has been gaining popularity again. "With more and more clients requiring additional storage to leave their countertops clutter-free, the option of using medicine cabinets has most definitely seen a rise," Carmona shared. The need for a less cluttered, more minimalist space is a reason why storage is so important, particularly if you have a small bathroom.

Still, one of the major issues with medicine cabinets is that they're just not as visually pleasing as having a statement mirror or a decorative item above your sink. While most cabinets do have a mirrored front, the look simply isn't as aesthetic as a regular mirror would be — not to mention the added bulk of the cabinet sticking out (though recessed cabinets are a viable alternative). This lack of style is, eventually, partially what led to them going out of style.

The item has split designers due to its purely functional design

As mentioned, the medicine cabinet that seems to be returning in 2024 isn't the one you're probably thinking of. This new batch is sleek and glossy, with many people opting for recessed cabinets (a cabinet that is partially built into the wall) in order to maximize a small bathroom. Note that, with recessed cabinets, you do have to commit to the idea of a medicine cabinet because construction is required. While this may not be an issue for you, if you're someone who finds themselves changing things up often, it's best to go with a less permanent fixture.

Even designers who were originally against the medicine cabinet are coming round. When asked by fellow designer Emily Henderson how he felt about the controversial item, HGTV's Nate Berkus responded, "I've always avoided them, but now the trade-off for storage has me slowly converting...I wish someone would invent one that universally works with a vintage mirror" (via Style by Emily Henderson). Love or hate them — you'll likely be seeing a lot more medicine cabinets in the world of design soon.