Use This Wine Cork Hack To DIY A Stunning Accent Wall For Any Room In Your Home

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Large, blank walls make a room feel cold and uninviting when not decorated, but they can be challenging to decorate when you don't want to add too many décor items. If you have a massive room, adding an accent wall helps break up the space to highlight different areas. Or, if your room is smaller, an accent wall will make it feel bigger; you can make it more interesting by adding vibrant colors and textures. Choosing the right design for your wall relies on how the rest of the room looks. You want it to stand out and complement the rest of the space by using like colors. TikTok user @regitzejaeger created a unique accent wall in her dining room, where she cut wine corks in half and glued them along the wall. The wine corks added texture and interest to the space.

Many folks who enjoy drinking wine sometimes save their corks and place them in glass jars placed on end tables or kitchen counters for décor. This hack works if you have bags of wine corks you've saved over the years, don't know what to do with them, or are looking for an exciting way to design your accent wall. All you need is a couple of bags full of wine corks, a shear cutter you can buy from Amazon for $19.99, and a construction adhesive tallying up to $12.98 at Walmart.

How to use wine corks for your accent wall

Figuring out how many corks you'll need can be tricky because it depends on how much surface area you want to cover. You can start with a bag of wine corks and add more as needed. Once you get your corks, cut them all in half. You can cut handfuls at a time and glue them to the wall a bit at a time if you don't want to cut them all at once. Before you glue them to the wall, it's best to create a design so that you have a template to follow. TikTok user @regitzejarger created a downhill look with her wine corks. If you prefer a different design, there are many to choose from. For instance, you can create an upward concave on the wall where the sides are lined with corks from top to bottom and gradually decrease from the top as you meet in the middle.

Once you pick your design and cut your corks in half, add a layer of construction adhesive to the surface and attach the corks one at a time. Continue gluing the corks until you cover the wall or the template you drew. When you finish adding your corks, you can leave them as is or elevate them further by painting them a bold color. You can also use multiple paint colors to match the room's interior.

Alternative materials to use besides wine corks

The wine cork accent wall won't work in every room if you have a specific interior style. The wine cork look works for a farmhouse or midcentury modern interior with many wood elements. If you have a modern, minimalistic, eclectic style, you can use other materials, such as tile, trim, stone, herringbone brick, and many other elements. Many accent walls feature paint colors to make a wall stand out, but there are various ways to create an accent wall without painting it. One way you can create a striking accent wall with texture is by using wood trim. You can paint the wood any color, create a design with it on your wall, like a chevron look, and fill the spaces with attractive patterned peel-and-stick wallpaper. It'll give texture and add a pop of color to your wall.

Another way to give a blank wall some texture effortlessly is by using peel-and-stick tiles. Choose a graphic style or stick to the standard subway tile for a classic look. They're effortless to use and remove if you ever decide to re-design the wall. You have more color and pattern options when you use peel-and-stick materials. If you want to add molding to your walls but don't want to use board panels and a drill to install them, Amazon has peel-and-stick molding for $29 that will give your wall the illusion of actual molding.