OxiClean Or Shout: Which Laundry Stain Remover Gives The Best Results?

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As much as you try to keep your food on your plate and liquid in your cup, accidents always happen and you've unintentionally spilled something on your shirt and pants. Plus, if you have kids, you know the feeling of never-ending laundry piles with stains on every item. Washing your clothes with regular detergent doesn't always help remove tough stains, so having a stain remover at home and on the go is a necessity. OxiClean and Shout are the best-known brands that work hard to remove stains, but one gives better results.

OxiClean is oxygen bleach that uses oxygen and a mix of ingredients, such as sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate, surfactants, and polymer, to break down and lift stains from clothing. They have a wide range of products proven to be highly effective at eliminating blood, dirt, grease, food, and makeup. Shout uses enzymes and surfactants to break down and lift stains in its limited stain-removing products.

For a low price, you can find both products at many retail stores, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc., but they can differ depending on where you buy them. While you can compare their prices, it's unnecessary since they're formulated with different ingredients. Gathering feedback from customer reviews online, we'll look at the types of stains you can target with each product, how each product performed, and which brand customers preferred to determine which stain remover gives the best results.

Stains OxiClean and Shout treat with their products

Every stain is different, so they should all be treated differently. Figuring out the type of stain will help you narrow down which product to use. For instance, if you're trying to treat blood stains, ingredients like sodium percarbonate will best remove the stain, while grease stains should be treated with surfactant ingredients. OxiClean has 30 products in total, and 17 products work to target stains in various ways, while Shout has seven products in total, and six are stain removers.

Since OxiClean has more products, they're highly versatile, allowing you to use them on multiple surfaces, from clothing to upholstery to house cleaning. Their Odor Blasters Versatile Stain & Odor Remover eliminates laundry, carpet, and upholstery stains and odor. The OxiClean Max Force Spray uses five different stain fighters to eliminate blood, grease, grass, oil, clay, soil, food, and drink stains the first time it's applied, per OxiClean.

On the other hand, the Shout Advance Gel Brush has a thick gel consistency that can be applied and left on stains for days before washing so that it can break down tougher stains, like blood, chocolate, coffee, wine, etc., efficiently via Shout. The Shout Triple-Acting Spray can be used on every colored fabric you apply before throwing your laundry in the washer. It works on everyday stains such as grass, food, dirt, and blood.

OxiClean and Shout product performance and user experience

Many users across many platforms find OxiClean more effective than Shout at removing tough stains. Over 2,000 customers bought and rated the OxiClean Max Force Spray at Target, rating it 4.6 stars out of 5 and claiming it works fast and efficiently on tough stains without scrubbing any of your clothes. Over 1,000 customers bought and rated Shout's Triple-Acting Spray at Target, rating it 4.7 stars out of 5. They claim the spray works to remove stains, but it has to sit for a few hours before washing them. Some customers stated the Shout spray didn't remove every type of stain, and you have to apply the product multiple times to eliminate a deep stain on your clothes.

YouTuber @ALittleSaabiish conducted an experiment where she tested OxiClean, Shout, and Resolve stain removers on three white cloth towels with fresh pasta stains on them. She sprayed one stain remover on each towel, letting the solution sit for the maximum time. After each spray set, she threw them in the washing machine and dryer. Once the towels were clean, she found that the OxiClean removed the pasta stain better than the Shout and Resolve stain removers. OxiClean didn't eliminate the entire stain; there was still a faint color where the pasta was, but it gave a better result than Shout. While both brands work hard to remove stains, OxiClean will provide the best results to remove any type and size stain better than Shout.