Is Your TV Above The Fireplace? Consider These Locations Instead

Many homeowners can agree that fireplaces are excellent additions to homes. Most people also enjoy their TVs. But the two aren't always so great together. Everyone who's ever watched a movie or TV show with a scene taking place in a living room has likely seen the cliché TV over the fireplace mantle position. And while it's fun to have a fireplace and a TV in the same room, you may want to avoid that one overused placement strategy, as it's not as charming or practical in real life.

TikTok's "Design Daddy," @mrphoenixgrey — who has over 760,000 followers — recently posted a video explaining why. "Having your TV up this high creates such an uncomfortable angle to watch TV for long periods of time, and aesthetically, it looks awful," he said. He then recommended some alternatives, including placing the TV next to the fireplace mantle instead of above it or putting the fireplace and TV on opposite sides of the room. And those aren't the only tips for better TV placement.

Get clever with your TV placement

Don't be afraid to explore unconventional TV placement ideas. Maybe even hide your TV in style when you're not using it. For instance, have you thought of putting it in an alcove? If this strategy is possible with the room's layout, you might want to try it. "Think about building cabinetry that lets you recess your TV into a darker area and bring more attractive pieces, such as art, into the light," Alexis Humiston of ABH Interiors told Livingetc. "Team this with your layered window treatment so you can tailor the light when you go to watch TV. If you choose a dark paint or wallpaper, it will also help absorb the light while adding dimension to your walls."

If you want to do something a little different, TikToker @highboyla has a video showing how a TV can look super stylish in a corner. The TikTok user noted that a swivel mount is convenient for this technique, offering the best combination of style and practicality while letting the TV be watchable without serving as the room's focal point. Thus, there's no harm in letting the fireplace be the star of the room and keeping the TV somewhere visible but without taking the fireplace's spotlight.

Remember that you don't have to mount your TV to the wall

While some people love the wall-mounted TV look, it's possible to make massive mistakes when mounting your TV, so keep that in mind if you aren't skilled in the installation process and don't want to pay too much to get someone to mount it for you. Wall-mounted TVs make some people nervous, as the possibility of it falling stresses them out. So, while mounting the TV is a popular option, it's not the best strategy for everyone, and many people may prefer to use TV and media stands instead.

"Generally, a natural place to put a TV in a living room is on a media stand placed directly in front of the main couch, sectional, or sofa," Nickson Living founder and CEO Cameron Johnson told Living Cozy in March 2023. If that simple idea appeals to you, go for it! And remember to place the TV on the stand somewhere clever, whether you put it next to the fireplace, in a corner, or on the opposite side of the fireplace.