TikTok Shows Us The Best Way To Fold Jeans For Organized Clothes

Once you finish washing your denim jeans and they're all dry, it's time to figure out how to fold them neatly and place them in your wardrobe. It's always annoying when you just can't seem to find a successful way to put away your clothes without occupying too much space or ending up with some type of mess. Luckily, TikTok has many helpful techniques to organize all different kinds of clothing — including jeans.

For instance, @ehow posted a 17-second TikTok showing viewers how to conveniently fold jeans into little squares. First, the person in the video grabbed the bottom ends of the jeans and brought both sides of those bottom ends up to meet the top waist area. Next, the person repeated that action at the knees, making the jeans fold even smaller. Then, the individual folded the jeans in half so that one side was on top of the other, and the jeans looked like a small square. Impressed viewers commented, "Love it" and "actually does look like an easy way. thanks!"

More tips for folding your jeans

While @ehow's hack is super helpful and should make folding classic straight jeans a breeze, there are other factors to consider, such as the denim's thickness and where you'll be putting them. "Depending on how thick your jean material is and the height of your drawer, fold them in half again or in thirds by bringing the lower edge towards the waistband," Melissa Keyser, a professional organizer, told Martha Stewart. So, you may want to add an extra fold if the material allows and if you think doing so will help the jeans better fit into your drawer.

A professional closet organizer, @holkazeskrine, also shared a TikTok video teaching viewers a few ways to fold specifically baggy or wide-leg jeans. The first method in the video was to start with the jeans folded in half to make it look like one leg, then fold the extra, baggy part over it. Next, fold the ends and top so that they meet and make a petite square for your drawer. Another technique from the video was to lay the jeans down and bring one side onto the other enough so the jeans look more like a rectangle. Then, fold one side on top of the other and fold it into a square to put on a shelf. With so many options, the hardest part is deciding which method to try first.