Create A Unique Lighting Feature In Any Room Using This Inventive Pool Noodle Hack

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We've tried multiple pool noodle hacks and have our favorites, but using them to create a unique lighting feature might be one we have to try next. Buying new light fixtures to hang in every room can be expensive. However, you can create an easy, affordable light feature using basic pool noodles and a piece of round cardboard. The hack comes from TikTok user @miguelitosdiy's video, where he made the light fixture with a few simple materials and walked us through the process of making a luxe light feature. The finished result elevated and illuminated his decorated end table. 

This hack is perfect because you can completely customize it to complement your space and make multiple light features to put in every room in your home. The TikToker painted his light feature entirely black, but you can opt for a different color, such as white, red, blue, etc., to match the rest of your décor. Or, give your pool noodles a fun design with stencils, gemstones, glitter, and other crafty materials to make your light fixture stand out. It's the perfect versatile lighting element that will fit in any space. 

DIYing your own pool noodle light fixture

Start by cutting a piece of your tube to measure how tall you want it to be, and cut the pool noodles to the same height. Then, glue each noodle piece vertically around the tube. Once the noodles are dry, add a couple of holes inside to insert your skewers. Next, paint the entire exterior and interior. Finally, add your light bulb between the skewers and hang it from your ceiling in any room you want. 

You can purchase the pool noodles at Dollar Tree for $1.25 and the cardboard tube at The Home Depot for $15.48. The cardboard tube is 12 inches tall, so if you cut the tube into four even sections measuring 3 inches, you can make multiple light fixtures for various rooms. You'll need additional pool noodles and lightbulbs. Amazon has a four-pack of hanging light cords for $16.88 in black or white, so all you'll need to purchase is the light bulbs. Ideally, when you're gluing the pool noodles to the cardboard, you'll want a strong adhesive, such as a glue gun, Gorilla glue, E6000, etc., which you can find at most retail stores. 

If you have trouble painting the pool noodles and skewers with a standard paintbrush, you can always spray paint the entire thing to make the process easier. You'll need to use a few coats to ensure the color sticks; allow the paint to dry between coats.