Repurpose Those Old Wine Corks Into Beautiful DIY Christmas Ornaments

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The Christmas festivities can inspire your creativity when it's time to start decorating. It's human nature to want to outdo yourself every year and after some time, you start to realize that less is truly more. If you want to wow your friends and relatives this year, then you should take the minimalistic approach to decorating and start saving your wine corks to turn them into beautiful, low-cost Christmas tree ornaments. This is already a popular trend and TikTok creator @brightcellar does it with just a sharp knife, hot glue, Elmer's glue, twine, and some glitter — as well as a cup full of wine corks. 

It's easy to run down to the store and buy some baubles for your Christmas tree, but where's the originality in that? The season is all about spending time with your family and creating memorable, unique experiences. This fun arts and crafts project is a genius way to entice your kids into helping you decorate and you get to save some coins on generic knick-knacks, too.

Slice and glue the corks together for makeshift tree ornaments

To make your Christmas tree wine cork ornaments, you'll first need to start saving those corks from all those evenings of unwinding. The more, the merrier. You can prep for this project by slicing the corks into 1⁄4 to ½-inch slices. Gather your kids around the table and hand out the cork slices and other supplies. Use the hot glue gun to glue the edges of each cork slice together to form mini-Christmas trees. Slather down some craft glue to one side of the tree and cover it in glitter. Then, hot glue looped twine onto the top and hang it on your tree.

This is an immersive experience your kids will surely make a core memory out of while decorating for Christmas on a budget. You can get the corks for free by saving them up throughout the year. You can use Gorilla Glue instead of hot glue which you can get for $11. Snag a set of 12 colors of glitter and Christmas twine for $8 and $5 each. The fun part about doing this with your kids is that they're bound to raise some other creative ideas on how to decorate their makeshift baubles. You can paint them, glue rhinestones or ribbons on them, or even overlay them with colorful pipe cleaners to look like leaves. You can also shape the corks to be other things like snowflakes or Santa Claus himself.