Nate Berkus' Laundry Folding Technique Will Revolutionize How You Store Your Clothes

If you have ever gone to get something out of your drawer but found it got jammed halfway open because it was overstuffed, you'll know how annoying a lack of clothes storage can be. Items like sweatpants can take up more room in a drawer because of the thicker material they're often made from, not to mention the fact they can be awkward to fold. Luckily, expert on all things home, Nate Berkus, shared how he folds his clothes so everything fits neatly.

The following folding hack will save space in your drawers, an absolute must if you're dealing with not much storage space. If you don't have the room for another chest of drawers or wardrobe, maximizing what you do have with tricks like this one is a great way to solve the frustrating issue of a lack of space. This particular hack will also allow you to quickly pick out the right clothing item when you're in a hurry.

Never despair looking at your unorganized drawer again

To achieve a perfectly organized drawer layout, Nate Berkus says to lay out your sweatpants and then fold them in half. Next, fold one side of the pants (not completely over, just a little). Then, all you need to do is fold the pants up again like you're folding a regular item and then fold once more so the item is stacked in a neat parcel-like shape. You can put the item in forward or sideways in your drawer depending on the amount of space you have.

This hack may be simple, but it's ideal if you find yourself struggling to fold bulkier items like sweatpants. It's similar to file folding clothes, which also maximizes space and gives the folded clothes the appearance of stacked files. It isn't just for sweatpants, either. Berkus' folding technique would also work for pants that tend to be made from thicker material, such as cargos. If you want even more drawer organization, consider buying foldable storage solutions like the IKEA SKUBB boxes that will let you split up clothes into categories, such as by type, color, or style.