The Ingenious Solution For Air-Drying Sheets & Towels In A Small Space

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If you hang dry your towels and sheets, then you know how challenging this is, especially in small spaces. Your home might be a wall of linens that never seem to dry fast enough. But you can easily correct this issue and save space with a genius TikTok solution that requires nothing more than a spiral laundry hanger. You can purchase a two-pack of these space-saving hangers on Amazon for less than $12, making them a fast and affordable way to hang dry any textile. 

The American Cleaning Institute recommends that you wash your towels after using them three times, which makes these hangers a must-have for anyone who opts to forego using a dryer. The same goes for sheets since they require weekly laundering,which means you'll put these spiral hangers to good use. But this incredible trick has uses that surpass laundry day. Hanging wet clothing — towels included — in small spaces such as bathrooms can lead to mold. However, you can use these spiral hangers to give your bath towel a quick dry between uses, working to prevent mold and bacteria from growing. 

How to get perfectly dry laundry

In a TikTok video shared by @chic_picks, you can see this hack in action. To follow suit, simply purchase your spiral clothes hanger and place it inside or outside your home — you just need a space big enough to accommodate the width of the hanger, which is about 14 inches deep. Once the spiral hanger is assembled, expand your towels or sheets across the full length of it, and enjoy all the ways this hack organizes any small space while expediting your laundry's drying process. 

The question might be where to place these hangers around your home, especially when used indoors. Do you have a hanging planter? If so, you could remove your potted plant for an afternoon, suspending your spiral hanger from this hook. If you're still struggling to find a place to hang your laundry, you could purchase a freestanding clothes rack on Amazon for less than $20. There are several stylish and space-saving drying racks you need for your laundry room, and this one is an absolute must-have. You can use them anywhere in your home, and they're several feet wide, so you can place multiple spiral drying racks across them. 

The best part about this TikTok solution is that it's a clean, green alternative to traditional clothes dryers. You won't use up any electricity or gas when air drying your laundry, and you're preserving the integrity of your textile's fibers, meaning you'll get more use out of your towels and sheets. 

Hang sheets and towels in open spaces

As you prepare to use your new spiral hangers, remember that there are pro tips for air drying your laundry. For starters, you don't want to use these hangers in closets or any other dark, damp spaces. Wet clothes need a properly ventilated area to dry. Otherwise, moisture builds up and can cause mold and mildew to grow. 

You should also be mindful when hanging any type of laundry near baseboard heaters, always keeping fabrics and other flammable materials a solid 6 inches away from them. Although this TikTok solution uses spiral hangers that are designed to prevent sheets and towels from slipping off, there's always the chance this could happen, so it might be best to avoid hanging any laundry near your baseboard heaters or other heat sources. 

Space permitting, you can easily use these hangers outside, so long as you're not allergic to pollen, which can accumulate on clothing. You'll benefit from hidden germ-blasting power, thanks to the sun's ultraviolet rays. You can hang these spiral hangers from tree branches or even pull a freestanding clothes rack out onto your balcony.

But the best part about these spiral hangers is the cost savings. Since it can cost upwards of 72 cents for every hour you use an electric dryer, you could save over $100 if you air dry towels washed bi-weekly and sheets washed weekly. You also won't have to worry about wear and tear on costly dryers.